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    Just wanted to make sure all here know that MCWPA is having vote on ads now.

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    This is the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance, a fb cause, for those who
    are on FB.

    The voting is for one of the four ads that will go into a national newspaper
    before Dec 17th (we'll let you know the date and paper).

    The Ads are to make the world aware of the history of ME/CFS and to
    let them know a retrovirus has been implicated, and the general public
    is at risk if it proves causative. The Ads are designed for reporters; we
    want all types of media to investigate the points in the ads and write/
    talk on Radio, TV, etc about this new information the general public does
    not know.

    This is a 501c3 org under the umbrella of PANDORA, and you can find
    us thru them, also.

    The deadline for voting is Monday, midnight, Nov. 29th.

    Go to the Cause at:

    to register (join) as a Member, then follow the Announcement about how
    to vote (two different sites given). Follow instructions carefully! Read them,
    think about them and remember to Vote NOT where you view the ads, but
    where the page says to vote.

    The ads are hard to see as they will be seen: spread out all over a half page
    of the national newspaper...they will have enormous impact.

    Please go and look at them, become a Member of the Cause, and donate if
    you are able: we're not stopping at one ad...four are ready and as the $$$
    arrives, an ad will go out to be published.

    Along with the first Ad, a press release will go out to every list (we are paying
    for them) in Canada, US, UK, Brussels (which is a EU list), so the world will
    have the information as the Ad will come out.

    So, everyone, go have your Voice heard; VOTE!
    Be a part of history (this has never been done before).