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    Does anyone have vulvadynia associated with fibro? If so, what do you do for it and how bad is your suffering?
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    Yes, vulvodynia was my first symptom way back when I was 18 years old. I am now almost 29 years old. I have been through hell with this condition and have done every treatment available except interferon or alcohol injections. I even had surgery (vestibulectomy)...I am still in pain 24/7. I burn or achy all day and night. I am unable to have sex or use tampons or wear a lot of clothing that bothers me. I now have heart problems which take up most of my time trying to figure out, so VV has taken a backseat but it is awful.

    Do you have vulvodynia? There are different levels of suffering, some are not as bad. I hope you aer one of them. You can check out the National Vulvodynia Association or the Vulvar Pain Foundation for info. Both are very good. Do a search for them and the websites will come up. Hang in there and take care...

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    Yes, I have it but my main problem is itching. It started when I was pregnant with my second child. It was debilitating. I couldn't leave the house the itching was so bad. Now it comes off and on but right now I am on. I wake up in the middle of the night scratching myself so hard with no relief. I even have strange bumps down there now, I think calcification type stuff from all of the scratching.

    I am sorry you are suffering so much. It is such a horrible problem. Thanks for sharing your story.
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    For the first 3 years I had unbearable itching too. I finally got better with 6 months diflucan ..I took it everyday. I used to wear holes in my pants cause I coudlnt keep from scratching..Even though I didnt have a discharge, I think some yeast was still there..or just he inflammation alone can cause the itching too...Good're not alone in this awful suffering.
  5. Years ago I had a terrible time, I almost lost my mind it was so bad, tried everything. Back then no one had a clue what caused it. Finally A dermatologist told me to use acid mantle cream sparingly several times a day on the outside and what relief. I still occasionally get feeling uh oh, but since then the thing that hss helped me the most is Citracal calcium tablets taken at certain intervals three times a day. Dr. Solomon recommends them, he is sort of associated with the Vulva. foundation. He used to do urine testing, I don't know if he still does anymore. He is a scientist, I saw his name in an article one time years ago.
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    Thanks for the advice regarding the meds. I do have some kind of atypical yeast thing. Not the kind that otc meds or diflucan will help. I need this heavy duty prescription stuff. Sorry you are suffering but glad I am not alone!!
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    my doc used to give the urine test, but no more. he understands my prob (too much fun). he gives me pyridium (script) and i use uristat or the generic for the spasms that makes all that hurt afterwards and tylenol 3 sometimes.
    as far as sex, if the responses are not there for BOTH sides,one is a lil dry. i still get upset that maybe one day that fun will be over due to the pain. but, as long as there is meds and understanding i will keep on with the fun.
    just not as often. you can tell when it mite bother you.
    enjoy yourself and that type of fun is not everything. but once you accept our limitations, it gets better.
    there is also trigger points inside that needs stretching. i found this info in devin stralanyl's fibromyalgia and chronic myfascial pain book. the pic tells it all.
    for me understanding is winning. i got my book out of the local library.
    good luck and do not give up.[This Message was Edited on 07/18/2006]
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    That sound like what I had several years ago - couldn't handle a pelvic exam - and the problem was trigger points. Definitely check out Devin Starlanyl's book.