Vulvodynia- found anything that works?

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    Vulvar Vestibulitis, to be exact. I have been on desipramine for months and it helped at first but now the pain is back. My doc upped the dosage but I don't think its working. Has anyone found anything that works? I am desperate! Thanks.
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    Just bumping...
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    I also have VV. I've had Fibro for 17 + yrs. and VV for 15 yrs. now.
    Have you had a deep tissue scraping of your vulva to find out what organism is causing it?
    I had this done, and within 5 minutes had the answer that I have mutated yeasts living deep in my vulvar tissue.
    Diflucan fixed it for about two days, then I guess they mutated again, because it stopped working.
    There are differing treatments depending on the cause.
    I also tried a low oxalate diet for two years but it did not help at all.
    I am also interested in anything that may work, since we finally had to give up having relations about 5 yrs. ago, due to this problem. Thank goodness we are not in our 20's or 30's or it might have wrecked our marriage.
    With great empathy,
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    I have e-mailed with two or three people and have shared info that I have collected for several years. I am much more comfortable doing this through the e-mail as are the other women that contacted me. We just feel more comfortable than doing this on this site.

    You are welcome to contact me at

    Please say that you are "from the FMS message board". I delete all mail from anyone whose email address that I do not know. So is I see that you are from here than I will open it. We have a small group of us helping each other and sharing if we learn anything new about this topic which is severely under-researched.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Lynda B.