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    Does anyone have any info on a possible relationship between vulvodynia and fibromyalgia?
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    Hi Jaima, we had a thread on Vulvodynia lsat week, I just cut and pasted it below for you. For some reason I could not get it bumped back up!

    HOpe this helps you.

    again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl



    Vulvodynia and Trigger Point Injections 05/08/03 04:20 PM


    I have recently started having SEVERE vaginal burning and itching. I am 99.95% sure that my Gyn (whom I will see for the first time on 5/21/03) will diagnose me with either vulvodynia or vulvar vestibulitis.

    I have had MUCH success with Trigger Point Injection therapy, but am not familiar with TrP therapy being used for vulvodynia and/or vulvar vestibulitis.

    Has anyone had any experience with vaginal pain being treated with TrP injections? Has anything else worked well for you (i.e. Estrace cream, calcium citrate, Atkins diet, etc.)?

    Thank you!

    Deb :)

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    Wow A Needle There? Ouch! 05/09/03 02:34 AM

    I have this condition also, but I for one would pass on a TrPr injection in that area, ok the Vagina, (did I spell that right).

    I don't do well with any kind of Injection, I tried the B-12 shots way back in the 60's. Didn't help me, made my Insomina worse.

    Had a Cortozone (again sp?) shot Once, and that truned into a Bullseye rash at the site and my whole arm swelled and I had a frozen shoulder. So I avoid thoes treatments.

    I'm Happy that they work for you, tho. I do use some CMP massages on my self with a Electric Massager, but nothing works better than the real hands on approch of a Good Massage Threaphist. Need to find a new one, I quit for a while, but the body is pleading with me to start up again.

    Oh yeah just wanted to say, that there are other things that can cause the Pain, redness and yes swelling of the V. lips, a bad yeast infection after a round of Anti=botics does that to me. I double my intake of Yoguart, for 3 day's after I finsih my does's, seems to help quite a bit.

    I also have Herpes, which can cause similiar symptoms during a break out/flare, which none of the Dr's figured out till a few years ago. Once again I am not able to take the Supression theraphy Med's, that would help control the outbreaks, which last about 5 day's for me. Kind like having a Period all over again, with the Pain and all.

    Also, a UTI, which is why I was recently on some Antibotics, I thought that I had headed off the problem. I ran out of Yoguart, and it came back with a Vengence, so I had hubby get me some Yoguart, and now it's so much better.

    I have trouble with the meds that can help the Yeast infections so I rely on the Natural approach for this problem. Plus it makes a good Face mask, just clean the face real well, and then put some yogart on while laying down and relaxing. I Warm the yoguart by putting some in a Warm bath first, I put some in a small container, then set that container in a larger bowl filled with Hot water, takes a few minutes to heat, but work's better than Nuking.

    I found that Estrace Cream Helps the most, but dosen't really get rid of the problem when the "V"s are real active.

    Do you ever have Vaginal bleeding? I did and that worried me because I had a Total Hessy removal back in the 80's.
    So I was worried till I got dxwith this FMS/CMP and the Dr. said that with all the surgery's I've had in my body, the scar tissue is causing some of the Problem. I had just the Uteress removed the first time, back in the 70's, then I had the Ovaries removed like I said in the 80's, that when I really started having problems. Couldn't find a Hormone that worked for me, till I tried the Estrace.
    Not cured, but stopped the Spotting and the icky discharge.

    Good luck at the Dr's. Hope you find a treatment to help, this is one of the lousy Co-existing conditions that we can get as PT's with DD's.




    Thank you! 05/09/03 08:25 AM

    Thank you for the suggestions Kredca4/Sharon!

    I have read good things about the Estrace cream. I will also try the "yogurt therapy."

    Hopefully the Gyn I'll be seeing on the 21st is a "believer" in CFS/FMS.


    Deborah :)

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    I have both and several others things like many do. If you are looking for answers to questions or information or anything I will talk with you via the e-mail and not on the board. I am more comfortable with this topic in e-mail.

    You can contact me at
    Please say you are from the FMS board in your topic/subject or I will delete it. I delete anything from people I don't know. I have talked with two other ladies in the last two weeks.

    Lynda B.