Wackiest Horror Stories of Doctors

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sanamanth, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Sanamanth

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    I was dx with Fibro 10 years ago after back, neck and shoulder injuries. Then two years ago I began having severe nerve pain on the right side of my body and was sent to a Neuro. She had MRI's of my head and neck which showed severe damage and a pinched nerve from previous whiplash. Also showed a "spot" on my brain. She suspected MS and told me come back in a few months. In the meantime she put me on Neurontin which made me incapable of functioning mentally or physically. I told her I thought I had a pinched nerve in my neck and another in my lower back. She said it is impossible to have two things wrong at the same time and she prefers to look for one single cause, such as MS. Three months later she said, you don't have MS, it's just fibromyalgia and was very angry with my questioning her diagnosis and refusal to take the drugs.

    My GP sent me to a psyiatrist for eval. The doc took a look at me and said, "I'm not saying you're crazy, but you look healthy to me and you have good posture. I can't help you"!!! I left there so angry, she refused to even look at my MRI's. I wanted to slap her.

    After another year of chronic severe pain, now barely able to walk, I went back to my GP and complained of nerve pain in my foot and leg. She said, "I've never heard of such a thing, maybe you have a 'nerve tangle'", and sent me away without even a nod.

    Last week I finally got an appt. with an Ortho Surgeon (without the help of my GP) who ran CT scans and mylieograms of my neck and lower back. I have pinched nerves and require surgery in both areas! He said my neck is so bad it will require surgery on 4 levels. I am so angry with all these docs and feel I should write each them a little letter. Why are doctors such idiots?? And amazingly, they still expect to get paid for providing absolutely no service!

  2. fieldmouse

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    Sounds like you have really had a hard time. Sorry bto hear that. Hopefully now that you found someone to actually help you, you can feel better.I know what you mean about doctors. They all get paid weather they help us or not. It is SO unfair. Hope you feel better soon...~hugs~ Mick!!
  3. jole

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    Oh, I hear you! I think we should get paid by THEM every time they treat us like that! Should be like everyone else, no service, no payment.

    My neurologist seemed to genuinely care and understand me. I was very impressed with her. The last time I went to her I listed my pain as an 8 and fatigue as an 8, and told her I had had to quit my job because I couldn't take the pain anymore. She was very sympathetic and said "we have to get that pain cycle broken".

    She gave me a shot for the pain, Toradol, and said I should feel better before I left her office. As I left, she said, "You shouldn't have any pain now". I told her it was just as bad as when I came in, that the shot hadn't even touched it, it might well have been water. She got a funny look on her face, and said, "Well, it was a really low dose".

    Does that mean she didn't believe me all along, or what????? I wonder what it really was, because although I've never had a shot of Toradol, I've heard it works fairly well for pain. So...... I think even the good docs are going to try us once in awhile, or there just aren't any good docs anymore. Not sure.

  4. Kimba4318

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    I had a positive ANA and blood clots in my lungs - went to every specialist suggested by the hospital and my GP - waited 5 months - yes 5 MONTHS to get an appointment with a "blood" specialist. I was told she would get to the bottom of this mystery..needless to say I was SO EXCITED to finally see her.

    She comes in the office does not even have the ER blood info, etc. Looks in my ears and listens to my chest and says "Well some people just get blood clots for no reason... Don't get pregnant ever again! Some people just have to stay on Coumadin (my blood thinner) for the rest of their lives and I guess you are one of them" I said "I won't get pregnant, I am done with that and my hubby had a vasectomy anyway".... her smug response. "LIke I said... Don't get pregnant". I about fell off the chair! What was she trying to say - I would cheat on my husband or what??!??

    Left her office 10 minutes after arriving - she did not order 1, NOT 1, blood test! I wanted to report her, but did not know where to go. To this day, mystery has not been solved on clots - they did not come from my legs like most. I will never forget that appointment!!! What a humiliating waste of time!

    I am sorry you had to go thru all of that. I hear ya!

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