Wackiest Thing A Doctor Told Me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfd647, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. sfd647

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    I had an episode one night going to my car that made me think that perhaps I had just had a stroke. It was so quick and I could walk and talk, I ignored it. Upon telling a doctor on my next visit to the clinic, nothing was done not even a scan to see if I could have had a TIA.(small stroke. I went straight to another doctor at the clinic and he concurred that indeed it did sound like a TIA. Thinking that he was going to order up a scan now to be sure if I did not not, I was surprised at his comment. He said, "When you have another one of these attacks, come in to emergency, and we'll get a scan at that time." What if that next time would end up being fatal because no one knew of the other one? So much for PREVENTIVE MEDICINE or was this PROCRASTINATION MEDICINE?
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    These kind of doctor stories scare me. I'm getting older and hope that when something like this happens to me I get a doctor who will actually help me!!
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    I had a doctor tell me once that it was because i was a woman. Eve tempted Adam and now you women are paying for it!

    I couldn't believe what i was hearing!! I mean i would like to blame someone too, but EVE? maybe thats going too far back!!
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    teeheeeheee, why can't i think of things like that on the spot?? that would have shut him up!
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    The fact that they did nothing about doing a CAT scan wasn't because it was too late to detect anything. One of my other doctors wanted to do one right away. Because I was in a particular health care situation of which I had to go to the clinic for medical problems, I was not allowed to see other doctors that were not involoved with the clinic. When I was able to leave there and return to my other doctor, he immediately ordered up a MRI to check my brain to see if I did have a TIA. Results: 2 small strokes. So you do NOT have to be in a hospital during the time it is happening for it to show up. I was glad that he was competent enough to care about what could happen if it went undetected and we were unprepared for a large one should it happen. So to all those that perhaps you felt something strange and think it was or is too late to do a scan on your brain, HAVE IT DONE! It WILL show up. This could possibly save your life later down the road.
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    When I first got CFS, I had these crazy feelings in my head like electricity shooting through my brain or something (hard to describe). Scary! Once I was driving around looking for houses to buy & for a few seconds, I didn't know where I was. It was really scary. Yes, it does feel like you are having a stroke. I have had a CT scan when I first got these symptoms & nothing showed up. They were looking for MS. I swear, it's hard to describe to anyone who doesn't have CFS or fibro what it feels like, don't you think?
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    I wish I could tell you what "signs" I had that showed that I had a mini stroke. Because of the fact that I had been falling alot lately and I do mean alot, then having that weird episode of going to my car and feeling my foot seemingly drag, of which I started to talk to be sure I could talk, there wasn't anything to really point the finger at. I shared what I had experienced with a friend of mine who is a chiropractor and he said I needed to see my doctor because those seemed to be symptoms of a TIA (trans ischemic attack ) hope I spelled that right. I went to my doctor who was another friend and he said that it seemed very much like a TIA. I asked what a TIA was and he said that it was like a small stroke. Quick acting but not holding on. Sometimes you can have several others but then they can also prelude to a large stroke. They are like getting warning signs. He had me to for a MRI and in that MRI, it showed that I had suffered two small strokes. Now did one of them or both happen that night in question? We really don't know. I tried to ask how "fresh" they were. (smile) However, he said that there was no way of telling how old or new that they were just only that they exist. Usually the best antidote is to have people take an aspirin a day to keep the blod from clotting since that is what makes a stroke. Because of the medications I have been taking, my blood seems to be a bit thin as it is. That is why I am confused. How could I have had them? I have been taking things like Ibuprofen, and other meds that have thinned the blood out so they really didn't want to give me any additional because they didn't want the blood too thin as to bleed easily and NOT clot when it is suppose to. What a cycle, eh?? So I am sorry. I would recommend that anyone who is reading this would watch your diet, watch your stress level. If you have a job or anything that keeps you stressed out, try doing some form of exercise. Even simple walking is good. That helps the body to burn off that stress in helping that blood pressure to remain more normal. There are those that say, eat garlic and it will keep your blood pressure lower. I think it really does help. I do eat garlic. I cook with it in almost everything. In fact the doctors are very surprised that for me being so heavy, I should have a very high blood pressure but I don't. They want me to have sugar because of the neuropathy I suffer with but I am NOT a diabetic. Poor things. I just don't seem to cooperate with them and I DON'T WANT TO either. So eat right, get exercise, watch your blood pressure and get lost of good quality sleep at night. If you have family members who have had strokes, make sure your doctor knows that. That is all I can tell you. Sorry I wasn't more helpful to you.

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