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    When I told my regular doc that I had been having increasing shortness of breath over the prior year or so - he took an x-ray and an oxygen count of my blood and told me that there was nothing wrong with me. When I asked for a pulmonary function test - he reluctantly passed me along to another doctor who walked into the room after my test, looked at my folder and said "Oh You're the one that he told me about! - There's nothing wrong with you". Then he proceeded to explain that my 15% reduction in lung capacity was within range of normal and that I should see a psychiatrist. I took this little insult calmly and asked if there was some medication he could give me in the meantime that would help me when I find myself struggling to catch a breath. His answer was af flat-out "no". In desperation I went to a drugstore and bought a bunch of over-the-counter congestion drugs and discovered to my amazement that within 30 or so minutes of taking a guifenesen/pseudoefederin combo - my symptoms were greatly relieved. I was later diagnosed by a different doc with having an insideous Chlamydia pneumonia infection.
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    Amazing story. I hate when closed minded doctors act like they know everything, when they clearly do not!! I have had similar expereinces. It's so demeaning!!!
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    This is a good example that we do know our own bodys and 2nd medical opinions are always good to get
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    I am currently recovering from Chlymydia pnuemonia and it does cause shortness of breath. It's very common for CFS folks to have this type of pnuemonia. There is a blood test for this to test IGM IGG and IGA. I am still out of range for both IGA and IGG but it's getting better!
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    from a blood test
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    That really makes you feel trusting of those docs! NOT!

    Be sure they get a copy of the results of the lab work.

    Actually, this is bringing back some old memories of when docs would tell me things like "you have HIV" and I didn't....and the look on their face! Or call in a "mood elevator" when I had a bladder infection...and I refused it and took in a urine sample the next AM. Another priceless look.

    I am soooo glad you were diagosed correctly!!