Wackiest Things Your Doctor Ever Told You

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ProHealth, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. ProHealth

    ProHealth Member

    My own farcical story is the dermatologist who told me I was "the most sophisticated hypochondriac" he ever met. I shot back, "and you're the most insensitive doctor I ever met!"

    Share your anecdote.

  2. teller7

    teller7 New Member

    Last year I was crashed so bad. I've had CFS and FM for 4 years now. I couldn't get in to see my regular dr so the other dr in the office who I've known for years got in my face and yelled Where's Carol??? Then he sat down and said he didn't believe any for the bull*$#@ all the specialists and my other doctor have said. He said there's no such thing as CFS and that I've just lost my will and spirit. That hurt deep!!!!!!!
  3. jessica0123

    jessica0123 New Member

    Talk about scaring you for life. I cried all the way home from my Drs. a month ago because I was frustarted I do not think they understand how bad is bad. I cant imaginge being yelled out!That man is crazy. If your not too attatched to your DrI would go to a new practice.

  4. Summit

    Summit New Member

    I had to see a shrink and he looked like the crazy proffessor in back to the future! he prescribed amitriptlyene for me for sleeping. I started with 2, then he said take 3, I said, that was working ok, He said, "well if 3 is good, lets' go for 4 !! That's when I decided he not only looked like a whacko, he was. And I quit taking it altogether.
  5. azbubba

    azbubba New Member

    Before I got my dx, I was told by my PCP:

    - You just gotta keep fighting!
    - (me) OK, tell me what to do.
    - You gotta keep fighting! Don't give up!!!
    - OK, so what do I do?
    - Oh, you just can't give up. You have to keep going until you find out what's wrong!
    - So, how do I do that?
    - I don't know...but you just gotta fight!

    That, coincidentally enough, was the last time I <s>paid a copay to</s> saw him.
  6. tasarelda

    tasarelda New Member

    Because I also have diabetes, when asked if I had anything else that was bothering me I mentioned casually that I was urinating more frequently and it seemed that when I was finished I wasn't really finished. My doctor of 5 years announced I had an enlarged prostate. I asked if she was going to check and she said "No... I don't like doing that" My response? "Hey Doc... I don't LIKE having it done!" Needless to say I have a new doctor. (By the way, the Doc that DID check... It's not enlarged.)
  7. Anne_at_FibroFix

    Anne_at_FibroFix New Member

    Six years ago, too far-out Rheumy in Winter Park, FL (Orlando)

    Told me to do this several times every day until my next appointment:

    "Sit in a straight-backed chair, with your feet flat on the floor, facing the East. Invision a golden light flowing down over your head and then the rest of your body".

    I actually did that for a couple of weeks. Was pleasant. Has absolutely nothing to do with FMS.
  8. kemsoup

    kemsoup New Member

    Had visit with neurologist who obviously thought CFIDS was the flu. This was before I was diagnosed.

    She: Describe your first crash
    Me: I described all symptoms and such and how long it lasted.
    She: "Sure enough, you've had the flu"....as she was closing my folder.
    Me: Well, I've had it at least 150 times in the last many months? What type of flu is that?
    She: After pause: "I think you need to see a psychiatrist?"
    Me: For the FLU?! How are they going to treat the flu? Talk me out of it?
    She: There is nothing physically wrong with you. You are just bored with your job.
    Me: How did you determine that from this visit? I think you are bored with YOUR job as you obviously don't want to do it. You don't know anything about me or my job and furthermore I'm Outa' here. Good day and please don't send me a bill.
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  9. anniemick

    anniemick New Member

    I had an episode of chest and back pain from an exacerbation of fibromyalgia at work (I was in the ICU). The MD said to me that I should 'go home, take some valium and relax, its all stress!" Great advice, eh????
  10. drvbrockhurst

    drvbrockhurst New Member

    Another of the never-ending visits to the doctor because of severe gut pains....
    Dr: It's just your irritable bowel syndrome
    Me: It's really bad
    Dr: You're probably going through a bad episode, eat more fibre
    Me: I can't, it makes it worse. I'm living only on rice now
    Dr: I can give you some new medication or put you back on anti-depressants
    Me: You don't understand...I'm in pain during intercourse
    Dr: We can put you through another colonoscopy if you like, but we didn't find anything last time
    Me: I want to see a gynaecologist
    Dr: It's just your IBS. You have to learn to live with it.
    Dr: There's no point! But I have to give you one if you ask.

    In the first 30 seconds of the examination with the gynaecologist - "you have grade 5 endometriosis. It's one of the worst I've seen. It's growing out of your vagina". Surgery revealed the endometriosis had perforated my bowel and my kidneys. Also had to have a hysterectomy.
    (By the way, the fibromyalgia symptoms didn't disappear after the surgeries and was finally diagnosed separately to the endometriosis, after quite a few years)
  11. suzt

    suzt New Member

    Right after I was diagnosed with Fibro, the Dr. said the cure was easy....exercise a few minutes a day and it'll go away!..
  12. peachypie

    peachypie New Member

    I am now 29 but I was dx when I was 15/16 with fibromyalgia. When I was 16 I asked the doctor if I would feel this crappy always (was going through the worst flare up I ever had) and he said until you "forget you have fibromyalgia" he said it like it was all in my head and when I forgot all about it I wouldn't feel so crappy anymore.
  13. nikiann50

    nikiann50 New Member

    I was having a severe FM episode and went to the doc and told him I was in severe pain.
    He asked me, "What do you expect me to do about it?"
  14. rhilligo

    rhilligo New Member

    I went to see a neurologist the first thing he told me was that FM was just a word doctors told you. Then after doing many test he said the MRI results said they seen something on my brain but it said it was probably nothing. Then when I asked what they seen he replyed annoyed, I hate when they say that now you are going to ask me questions. He grab the disk with the pictures on it and came back in about 2 minutes and reported he did not see anything he did not know what they were talking about and I do not need to seem him again unless I have other problems. I asked him what the big lump on my brain was in the picture and he said again annoyed. I did not see anything it is probably nothing and now you are going to ask me questions again. I grab my disk back from and walked out. He does not have to worry about me ever annoying him again with my questions.
  15. hawa

    hawa New Member

    my doctor told me i'd be 'right as rain in 2 weeks time'- that was almost 10 years ago! - and i'm still not better :(
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  16. hilyer25

    hilyer25 New Member

    I went to a chiro to help with severe back pain from FM and scoliosis. After taking the xrays, she said FM doesn't exist. I probably just wasn't getting enough oxygen. I needed to put alot of plants around my house to build up the oxygen level.
  17. lyonesse

    lyonesse New Member

    When I first started having problems, my doc did various usual things one does to attempt to determine what was going on. I had an MRI of my back (which was extremely poorly done as they were unable to see that I had several damaged disks in my lower back which would only get worse for the next two years until I had a decent MRI done!) and then when I came in for the results of that- the doctor told me (throwing up his hands) "I don't know what you want me to do - I am only a G.P. !" I just got up and left - rather shocked and not knowing what to do!

  18. rekhedrach

    rekhedrach New Member

    my personal favorite is ...."you have fibromyalgia...stop lifting your children and go swimming"

    others include;
    Your muscles hurt because you smoke and there is not enough oxygen in your body

    i am a surgeon...i want things to operate on, come back when you have a broken bone

    You do not have a physical syndrome, you are just showing depression in a different way!!!!!

    you do not get enough exersise, its lactic acid building up in your muscles ( i walk around 5 - 10 miles 4 - 5 times a week)

    cheers all....glad i am not on my own in that doctors will say anything to either get rid of you or send you away with an unesecessary prescription!!!
  19. breewrites

    breewrites New Member

    Oh, these are so good -- and I am a 'newbie' I guess to this CFS/FM ride.

    Me: Could you do the fibromyalgia check, plz?
    PCP Doc: Sure. (checks and gets all positives) Well, it looks like you have it.
    Me: Do you have any suggestions?
    Doc: Not really. When the pain gets bad, I'll write you a prescription for something.
    Me: Nothing else?
    Doc: Um...not really, no. Take care now.

    From the cardiologist after a treadmill stress test when my blood pressure went sky high and I was gasping for air (a first for me ever):
    Doc: It's simple conditioning. You need to exercise.

    No, really??
  20. Angeldrd

    Angeldrd New Member

    I have two...one time I went to the hospital for chest pain and shortness of breath. After a few tests, the doctor literally ran in the room, and very excitedly proclaimed, "I think I found what's wrong with you! Your heart is HUGE!!!!!" and ran right out again.

    Another time I went to a different er, again for chest pain and shortness of breath. This was in Florida right after a hurricane when the electric was out. One of the er docs told me "This is not a shelter!"
    (It turned out I had an effusion behind my heart and a shunt between the heart and lung...but they didn't find it!I had to go somewhere else.)

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