Waiting for disability and having no income

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    What do people do when they need to go on disability that have no other income? When a person files and it takes along time to get a response, how does a person manage their life. You have to be able to pay for a place to live, food, transportation, and medications. So, what do you do? Some people are not married and some people do not
    have family to help take care of them, what do they do?
    I am really curious because I don't have another source of income and I get nervous sometimes wondering what I would do if I had to go on disability. I work full time and have a hard time. I work in a place where I am verbally and mentally abused and there is nothing I can do about the situation. I work in a private office and the person doing it is the office manager and she rules!! I am under so much
    stress and can not take it anymore! If I quit, I will have to pay for my health insurance and find another job. My personal life suffers so much because I have a hard time doing anything after work. I guess I am afraid to think about disability. Any information would be greatful!!
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    Dear Rachel,
    I don't have any real sugestions, but I want to tell you that I'll pray for you.

    I have had terrible bosses, and sooner or later they left. The one time I left while the bad boss still had the job, she was fired within two years of my leaving.

    Is there any way you could start saving money just in case you might end up in the situation you fear? Believe me, it woud be worth doing without almost everything to be prepared. I'm sure there would be something legal you could do with your savings, so that you wouldn't be disqualified.

    I have a friend who faced your situation. At the time, she lived in San Francisco. She bunkied in the living rooms of some friends after applying, for some time, moving from friend to friend.. During the day she would nurse a cup of tea at a little bistro. She found a couple who would let her do that. She also went to the park, and sat there. Then she got into a shelter, just for sleeping. It was not a good place and some people sounded like they were very ill.

    During this time she traveled to another city to the home of another friend, to shower. She applied for a residential hotel as soon as she could, and things were better when she got into one, as she had a place to be, where she could be quiet and alone. After this things got better. She is now living on Section 8, in a little house in the country, with a dog as therapy. She is still disabled and still on SSI. She's happy, though.

    I hope this gives you some ideas.

    God bless,
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    Is it possible to get a medical leave of absence from your job? If so, and I think all companies have to offer something but I don't know for sure, find out if your employer has disability insurance for you -- either private company or paid into the state funds. See if your doctor would support you taking a few months off to try to recuperate. Getting short term disability is not as hard as getting approved for long-term or Social Security disability. Take a rest. See if your health improves.

    In the best case scenerio your short term will provide most of your monthly earnings for a short time. Long term disability is maybe 50% of your earnings, if you can get it. Social Security disability is not really much and only available on long term health problems (over a year).

    I am on this path, sadly. If and when the SS is approved it's just about enough to cover my rent and utilities . . .barely. Of course this has something to do with your earnings and all.

    You can find out what you would get from SS Disability online if you have your earnings records from one of their past statements.

    Might be interesting for you to see.

    However, I hear it can take up to three years to even get through the system.

    You need to be very vigilant with yourself not to let your employer make you sicker. Meditation, counseling, whatever you can do to keep things straight in your head. When one gets chronically ill the employer frequently turns on the employee and tries to drum them out. It's psychological torture, especially since you probably already feel guilty and embarrassed along with your life falling apart and feeling physically horrible.

    Educate yourself about your options for medical leave and short term disability, etc. At least that will give you some foundation for thinking about things.

    Also find out on what grounds they can fire you while you are ill. At my company they had to give me some time to get well before "medically separating" me.

    Also, try not to let them know you are even looking into these things if possible. Don't tell them anything before you have to.

    Good luck to you.

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