Waiting for Others to Call

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    Waiting for Others to Call

    When we're feeling depressed and in emotional turmoil or we're having a hard day, it is our responsibility to pick up the phone and ask for support. Waiting for others to call can be an infinite wait in times of need. At times it's easy to look at the phone and think to ourselves, "No one cares or they would call." We ask, "Where are they? Don't they know I'm feeling like this?" Chances are they don't...

    For some of us, the hardest thing to do is ask for help in time of need. We feel they are our troubles, and no one else's. Yet we want the phone to ring. We must cast our fears and pride aside, take the first step in receiving support, and pick up the phone - or we will continue to wait for others to call.

    From Living With Chronic Pain One Day At A Time, by Mark Allan Zabawa
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    Hey, I was at University but have had to put it on hold because of chronic fatigue. There are so many people both where I was at Uni and back here at home that I considered friends. None of them ever contact me though, not even a text just to see how I'm doing. I do have support from my fiance and family, but it would be nice if just once one of my "friends" would actually think about checking up on how I am. If it was the other way round I would be concerned and contact them. I just don't understand why everyone has deserted me, just because I'm ill!

    Jen x

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