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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cromwell, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Hiya Wake,
    Anne here. Just read your post on your stomach issues below my own reply. Yes, I wrote back you had the courage to say what I didn't. People often go overboard on diet advice for sure. My friend is heavily into this all raw and oils and daily colonics; last year it was Atkins, before that Blood type. One time she is telling me bananas are poison, then they are her favorite best food. Drives me mad. Plus I worry about her health as she goes to such extremes and follows the advice of a man I think is a rogue and a cheat, but he makes a big lot of bucks to be sure. As McCawber said "moderation in all things".

    Wanted to say I watched a movie called Supersize Me on IFC. It was excellent- a documentary about a man who ate nothing but McD's for a month. Then Oprah was pretty good this week for a change. She had the same man on who was doing this Live in My shoes for 30 days for the working poor. Plus she had two progs. this week on education which I missed most of being at doc apps.

    How are you doing? I am a lot better, but still scared re this arm pain, with it bveing in left. You know how it goes.
    What did you decide to do re that place in your abdomen? Are you going to have the sonogram? You should get it checked out more.

    Write me back with how you are etc. Still have not found the tea yet. Lovely day today, but coldish again, like 47 YIKES!

    Love Anne C

  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I hardly ever watch Oprah nowadays either. When she loses weight she gets all dithery and hollywood. However, every so often she has this big change of heart and does something that really makes sense, like she did last week.

    I am glad you decided against the CAT scan, but cannot they do an ultra sound? Or (even though they are awful) MRI? I worry about what that was he felt.

    If I can get this left arm thing sorted, discover what exactly it is, then I am really doing fine.
    I worry about it all the time as my dad had this left arm pain and then got a heart attack. Anyway, I have the thallium stress test Monday, which, because they are making me fast for it, I am not looking forward to. I think they only make you fast in case you cannot make the treadmill test and they do that chemical induction instead, which is mad in my case as I know I can do the test.

    Oh well. We just got finished painting this "new" room we created by knocking two into one. Dan does most of the work nowadays. Hopefully we can get some carpet down within the next two days so there is somewhere to actually sit.

    I quit taking even that low dose of Amytriptiline as it got me very anxious during the day and fatigued too. I just wonder how much of the fatigue IS caused by meds. I don't sleep as well, but I sleep on and off.

    Well here comes the sun, we should go a walk. Danny's 18 year old "friend" is playing here with him today, he is 6ft3in about 300 lbs and plays with action figures all the time he is here with Danny. Danny adores him. They both are like a couple of eight year olds!!!(LOL)

    Love Anne C
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I cannot believe you have that left sided pain as that is where I get mine. Like a stitch from running, under the side of the rib and down the inside hip bone but in abdomen. My doc said it is trapped gas(will you get that simethicone???!!!) Drives me nuts. Pain hits the leg too sometimes.

    Apparently, some of us have too much intestine and it can kink and cause trapped stools and gas. I can feel mine shift sometimes, and I know you have yours wrapped round your liver too. Did you ever get a barium swallow after fasting and cleaning out, and they told you you still had stool? Well, this is why.

    Finally got carpet in the new room today, still have most of the painting to finish, have to wlalpaper over panelling etc. But nice to have nice place to sit. We put together the dining set from Big Lots and had to take the table back twice due to bad leaf, we did nothing but take apart and put together furniture all day, lug furniture around.

    Read Futurehopes newest post will you and tell her about the raw veggie thing. Read mine back to her.

    Well gotta go and play Jeopardy....MIL took Danny for 5 hours today, they went to see new Ice Age movie then Friendly's-she is great she is nearly 80 and so sprightly and fun. She arrived with a huge fake poinsetta Danny had given her once, pinned to her lapel!!!

    Love Anne C

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