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    I ned some help. I have Fms , Paic attacks and cfs. Alot of times I wake up from sleep wheather it' at night or a nap and I'll sit straight up and be gasping for air. Like I have stopped breathing or something.

    Does anyone out there have this problem or can you help me. I thought of sleep apena but I'm not over weight and I've had my tonsils out. My air way seems fine.

    It's just a very scary thing to happen, I can usually go back to sleep. One thing I do know every time I do sleep I will always dream, every night and even during a nap. I dream constanly, not all are bad, but I have had night terrors.

    Any suggestions or help would greatlt be appreciated. Could it be posssilbe I have stopped breathing and it has woke me up. I know my Dr. would want me to go have a sleep test,but I have a hard time falling asleep anyway and would hate trying to go through that mess.

    Hope everyone out there is doing good. God Bless you all.
    Thanks Bev
  2. joyfully

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    Tell your doctor. This is nothing to fool around with. You need to go to a sleep clinic and get evaluated. You need a decent night's sleep EVERY NIGHT when you have FM.

    Your body can't repair itself if you keep having to semi-wake up to breathe at night. You are probably suffering with more episodes than you realize. My husband was. He would look exhausted in the morning after "sleeping" for 8 hours. The trouble was, he kept semi-waking up to start breathing again. He didn't even know that he was doing this so much. he thought it was just occasionally. HA! I knew better and "bugged" him until he went to the dr.
  3. JLH

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    In addition to a sleep study, I would also consult a pulmanologist (? on sp. - but it's a lung specialist!).
  4. Milo83

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    I know how you must hate more testing - BUT, PLEASE tell your doctor, and insist on a sleep study..........

    Wishing you the best......love, Donna
  5. rigby

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    I thought I might have sleep apena but did not want the test for over two years I had problems. Finally had sleep study done they do two night. I have problems going to sleep they said after I was connect I could not get up,read or watch TV. So I laid in the dark wanting the test done it took 2hours to fall a sleep I stopped breathing 9. I also went to slow resp 10. Did not go into deep sleep and my legs moved alot while sleeping. The second night I had to used the machine to see if there was improvment. It's hard to get use to I slep better still tired and achy. Get checked RIGBY
  6. Shirl

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    Its called; Paradoxical Breathing, lots of people with FM have this. I do.

    Ask your doctor if there is anything that can be done for you.

    It is a miserable feeling, and it takes me a good hour to be able to function properly between the breathing and the morning fog.

    Wish you well.

    Shalom, Shirl
  7. Licorice

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    I believe you probably do have sleep apnea. My daughter and a good friend of ours both have it and both are quite slender in build. It's not something to mess around with. People can die from this! Get a sleep study.
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    I'm not usually on this board, usually over on the FM board. I saw your post and can relate to this. You might have asthma and not know it. A pulmonologist can diagnose it. I suffered for a long time not being able to breathe well at night. My lungs felt heavy and I would literally gasp for breath. My doctor explained to me the lungs work less efficiently when you are lying down.

    I was 45 years old when I was diagnosed with this.

    Good luck,
  9. driftwood04

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    There are 2 kinds af apnea. 1) the soft tissue in the back of your throat relaxes & cuts off your airway. 2) the brain tells you to stop breathing. Either way, you need asleep study. I just had one. It was not bad at all. The dr gave me a sleeping pill. If I needed to get up , they were right there to unhook me. It was OK.They were great.
    I found that I quit breathing 56 times an hour, & when I did breathe it was so shallow that my o2 dropped to 56%.
    That means that 56 times an hour, my heart all but stops, my BP drops to nothing, my body is getting half the o2 it needs, & my blood is puddleing. 56 times an hour I could have a heart attack, stroke, seizure, or die. I've been on a c-pap for 3 months, & it is wonderful. I will not even take a nap w/o it. I have since been diagnoised w/ asthma & o2 has been added to my c-pap. I recommend a full face mask unstead of just the nose one. Ask your dr. Please.