Wake.. You hooo...Wake??

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    I just wanted to update you about the tea.

    So my daughter has not drank it in a few weeks and she has been SOOOO emotional.. Crying about EVERYTHING. So I had her drink it again last night and man there is an immediate difference.

    Thank you so much. You are such a blessing..

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    Where do you buy Calm Tea ?
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    Our lives just got hectic and I was not paying attention to if she was drinking it or not.

    Then I noticed she was really really emotional and kind of all over the place so I asked have you been drinking it and she said no. So it was an ah ha moment. And I just have to remind her.

    Thank you again for pointing me in that direction.
  5. mom4three

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    my daughter has adhd. What medication are you taking?
    She is having a hard time with her adderal and I don't want to increase it.
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    Sorry just saw your post lol...

    She take 25mg xr everyday.

    She is so emotional now on it. It is so weird. She tried Ritalin did not work at all. She tried concerta and strattera didn't work.

    She is just so hyper and emotional lately...