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  1. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I went to sports med doc yesterday as my neck has been especially awful. He suggested that he fit me with a cervical collar just for wearing in bed at night, not furing the day.

    I tried it and it worked well. I awoke with a lot less pain than normal.

    Also I did manage to get Bio Freeze yesterday which I liked a lot for the neck pain. It works better than most other stuff for me.

    He also said, heat in the mornings, ice at night. My PT also taught my DH how to do the neck treatments on me at home.

    So today I was able to go and see opening day of The Da Vinci Code. It was pretty good, despite some of the reviews. A bit corny and one has to put aside one's own beliefs and realize it is just a movie, but the filming was good and Tom Hanks was really good.

    Three of us went and we all have bad necks plus my MIL who has RA What a crew (LOL) It was nice for me as these are new friends I have made who I like a lot.

    Hope you are doing OK.

    Love Anne C
  2. pumpkinpatch

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    I'm being treated for lyme and my neck is BAD! So the cervical collar helped? I use biofreeze and essential oils! helps for a bit.

    I use the heating pad or magic bag for heat. So what is the deal with the ice at night? Does it help with inflammation?

    Thanks for posting this. My neck is really sore.

  3. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    So glad you posted this as many people aren't aware that a sore neck is a classic symptom of lyme diseases along with pain and fatigue etc.

  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yes, the ice apparently helps to still the muscles at night time prior to bed. Then you put the cervical collar on, a thick one it is,so your muscle stays relaxed at night. He also prescribed 1mg of valium which he says is usually about right to relax the neck muscle.

    I like the biofreeze too, and put it on just before the collar goes on after the ice. I cannot tell you how big the improvement was wearing the collar.

    Then in the morning use heat to get the muscles going, and do the deep neck exercises. This is where you pull your chin back towards the neck and also when it is tucked back keeping head still, move the eyes in figures of eight or squares anything at all, as this gets the deep neck muscles.

    Then I use biofreeze again. You can also tie golf balls into a nylon sock so you have a line of four or so of them. then place this under the axis muscles(where the skull connects) and just lie on them so your head is supported.

    My neck has been sore for years, but this time it has been wrenched feeling. I think the collar is what made the difference.

    Love Anne C
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yes the same collar.

    I went to the sports med doctor as he is also a fam practice, though relaly only sees sports or other injuries and stuff like we have.

    I have three bulging neck discs and a narrowed canal. My neck feels and sounds like someone is scrunching on gravel for sure. I also seem to have a compressed median nerve.

    The thing is that with neck troubles, they get worse if you keep them too still. Even though it it horrible, you have to exercise the neck ever so gently to keep the muscles from seizing up, as our necks have muscles that seize up all the time. This is why NOT to wear colar unless sleeping. It is soooo much easier to sleep.

    The biofreeze I got as free samples people here like ti and seem to get it from CVS but I never found it, but have the name of someone who sells it on line, Prohealth may. It is a gel that goes a long way, lasts about two hours, feels a bit like Head on, it sort of dulls or numbs the pain, cool feeling on skin.
    Desertsage and Wake
    The reason to use the ice BTW is to train the muscles to expand and contract. If we are using heat and BenGay all the time then it will not work as well. Need the alternate thing.

    I also think that Valium is a great muscle relaxer, rather than the Ativan, which can sometimes stiffen muscles.

    The best thing for the neck is keeping your chin pulled back as we tend to crane our necks forward that makes the pain awful. It hurts at first but stick with it,esp. when on computer.

    Have you tried a TENS unit on your neck Wake? I have used them and like them, as they exercise the muscle for you really.

    I hope you can do a little better.

    I don't know if I ever told you I am a bit of an artist, and when we redid our kitchen cabinets, I faux finished them to look like blonde maple. However, I left the insides of the doorsm just sanded down. So I have been painting folk art style rural scenes on the inside doors, so when we open the cupboard we get to smile! I have done four different seasons so far, and just have to do a fifth season(LOL) summer on the lake. It about kills my back, but the neck has been holding up with a pain scale about a five, which is not too bad.

    I just love being freed to do this fun stuff again.

    Read my reply to Storm as a group of us went to see the Da Vinci Code, it was OK-of course I love Tom Hanks. Did you see Woofmom's post re Rumsy? It was great wish I had her courage.

    How is your son doing? How is the sore head? I was wondering if Mayo may work on your head, as I used that on Danny's sore bonce, once!!!

    Knowledge is power! Keep rocking boats!
    Love Anne C
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