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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Cromwell, Jan 8, 2007.

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    WAKE, well finally I found a doctor who did what?

    Saw me exactly ON TIME. Had a great nurse, who was so good I thought she was the doctor!!!

    Doctor spent 1hr 45 mins going over past hx, solutions, pain, and talking options over.

    I thought I must be dreaming. Can you believe this-PLUS the practice is three women, all top ranking, operate 24 hr on call 7 days. Smart as lemon juice in a cut.

    Had to share as you and I have had such dozzies in the past, this needed an audince.

    Hope you are doing OK

    Love Annie cromwell
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    Oh that saddens me you are so down. You know, even where you live, it is grey at the moment, I am sure things will start looking up. I have been reading the posts about the link between low dopamine and our dd, and dopamine also affects the gut.

    Are you able to take supplements at all? Have you tried the TENS machine Prickles refers to.

    A few years ago, I was in rotten pain and the PT got me one (you rent them but I guess Prickles bought hers on ebay) and I found it helped greatly. You can set the pulse very low for sensitivity. It especially helped my neck pain Wake. I mean it totally got rid of it for about three years.

    I realize my latest flare of about two years is because I stopped using and doing the things that helped in the past.

    I actually tuned into Oprah yesterday to watch Dr Oz and I thought he had some good advice. I think it was a repeat show.

    We have some snow today. We usually have the ski areas open by mid November and this year although they tried to open one weekend, making snow, the air was too warm. It is practically unheard of for Upstate NY to not have snow at this time. I understand todays tiny amount is due to melt(may have already done so, and it is meant to be 60F next week again.

    Suits me, but all the daffs and buds are coming through and I worry, if the weather turns to what it should be, then they will all die, including the fruit.

    Try and cheer up. We just watched Mozart and the Whale based on a true story about to Asperger people who marry. I did not care for it as both in real life and on the movie the gal did not strike me as coirrectly portrayed, but Danny and Dan liked the movie. I fell asleep. I have problems with the Hollywooding of disability as it tends to give a false impression of how our kids lives are impacted.

    In the UK a group of people who are phyically disabaled call themselves The Crips as the got fed up of people who are disabled who climb mountains and such as they say, the world then thinks they are lazy for not doing so!!!

    Love Annie Cromwell
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    Oh, annie, so glad for you! Loved that "smart as lemon juice in a cut"!

    What was the final "plan" for you? Anything new?

    Sweet Wake: I asked what kind of BP problems you were having in your post on the FM/CFS board, and I see here what you're talking about.

    To not use up annie's post here, talk to me over there, ok?

    Love ya both!
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    They used to be called Strong Health Internal; Medicine, as although they are in Ithaca, they were attatched to Strong Memorial in Rochester and on the teaching faculty there as senior instructors in clinical medicine.

    Recently they have switched to just working in Ithaca I think, though I could find out more.

    Dr Radomski and Yoon and the NP is Marianne Varn
    607 266 7500

    They are not rheumies just really caring and knowledgeable women.

    We have not worked out a plan yet, but are taking it one step at a time and working things out from there. I feel very confident with them. They are also on 24 hr call 7 days a week.

    May be a little far from Corning, but this area seems devoid of excellence in medicine for some reason, there sure seem to be a lot of docs who are flippant. Never had this problem elsewhere, it just seems to be the Finger Lakes.
    Love Annie Cromwell