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    Hey Wake

    I have been thinking of you and just wondering if you are feeling any better?

    Take care of you sweetie :)


    Karen :)
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    Getting by I've been a a flare something different for me along with thyroid involvement -- anyway I'm hanging in there and resting a lot sleeping even more which is good.

    Oh gosh Wake all that ink -- I am trying to think of something to get it out but I'm only coming up with things you couldn't handle the smell of I will have to give it some more thought...

    Oh I'm sure that 911 dispatch understands even though you might not think they do :)

    Well it sounds like you are a bit over due to see the endocrinologist -- to say the least and I am glad you are going. Let me know what he says OK?

    I saw my physician Thursday and she doubled my dose of Topamax. She said I was in a pretty bad FMS flare that has put a lot of stress on my thyroid and exacerbated my hypothyroid symptoms.

    It's funny I have been having some different kind of pain and didn't realize I was in a flare -- go figure anyway it explains why I have been feeling so bad and why the hypo symptoms have been so bad.

    I am loosing hair like you would not believe...sigh

    Oh well it will get better -- sometime :)

    I will look around for something that is mild and that removes ink for you and post it OK?

    You poor thing do I call you inky butt now...LOL sorry I just cant' help myself ;) -- I know you will get me back for that one...

    Glad you are feeling a little better and do take care with that blood pressure. Good luck with your appointment.

    Take care of you,

    Karen :)
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    It is too funny that you mention Heloise -- she is one of my mother's favorites!!

    I think Momma had every book that lady published in the 70s...LOL

    Momma is the McGyver in the family -- she and my sister that is I a McGyver wan-a-be...LOL

    Well it used to hairspray to remove ink years ago now it is rubbing alcohol but there is the smell you would probably get a headache.

    There is acetone but it has a strong odor too and therein lies the dilemma...as always with those of us with these DDs the odor.

    Ah yes the flare unbeknownced to me -- well you see the pain wasn't/isn't my usual FMS pain you see?

    Not in the usual places if that makes any sense and therefore caught me completely off guard -- go figure...

    So now it's 1:50 AM and it snowing in WV, I am in more pain with a migraine and I can't sleep...aaarrrggghhh

    Just trying to take my mind off of it :)

    Take care,

    Bonky ;)
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