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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by findmind, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Hi again. Thought I'd post to you separate from the "dyin' here today" one and tell you about my secretary duties.

    Thank god I learned to type in high school, even tho' I thought I'd go to college and be a journalist, LOL!

    Got married, two daughters, divorced, not a dime to my name...worked as secretary to a large fancy retail store's HAT buyer! What a trip. He chased me all around the desk constantly! (I looked like "Twiggy" at the time!)...Bet the younguns on here don't even know who that is, LOL.

    Moved to another city away from ex...worked as an NCR bookkeeping operator until went into the ARMY in order to have a better way to support me and kids.

    I scored higher on testing than the bosses I had...a Col. at Walter Reed, a GS-12, two Majors and 2 Lts. They teased the heck out of me, but I did work for all of them, and they "farmed me out" to the Base Commander to perform a major, base-wide project, which I had a blast accomplishing, meeting lots of generals, researchers, etc.

    I was also a "body-guard" for the 2 gals that came with Bob Hope to visit the troops at WRAMC. Have his autograph on WRAMC stationery. Should I sell it on Ebay?

    I was given and Army Commendation Medal for my service there. Four officers and one StMaj. vied for the opportunity to write it up for my award.

    Then, went to Brooks AFB in SA, was secretary to the director of a tri-service military cancer registry that got medical records of any service member or their family that got cancer. They were coded into an antique, huge computer system and researchers from all over the world.

    The woman I replaced also got CFS, isn't that something? I didn't get it until 10 years later.

    When that place was closed down I got an award for a new system I devised in order to alphabetize the 80,000 medical records in storage there, for shipment elsewhere. I used the nursery rhyme ABCD, EFG, etc., to teach 16 workers to work on an assembly line to do the job.

    Then I was assigned to the Surgeon General at Ft Sam Houston. He made me put the whole Exam Station in order..it was a mess, lost records, blood tests, exam results, etc. It was a blast! He then made me his NCO and got rid of his GS-11 who was lazy.

    I got cancer, uterus, surgery, and medical discharge with disability. Also had COPD, migraines (acupuncture cured), DDD, IBS, and more.

    After discharge, moved and got a job managing a medical clinic with 3 drs; they expanded to 13 drs under my supervision and 38 employees. At the 5 year point, I was getting sick often, with unknown illnesses. Quit, went to college at age 47!!!

    Two years into college, serious viral illness and the rest is history.

    I loved the variety of sec. work, and I learned so much, "picking the brains" of all those people! Am proud of being in the Army, best thing I ever did.

    OK, everyone, this is the most I have ever posted about myself! (Except for my very 1st post, which so many of you may remember, LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya all,
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    You know, because I quit work to go to college, I don't think it was quite as traumatic for me as for you and others. I had entered my current relationship, now 21 years together, and I was getting paid by VA to go to school, plus all tuition and books, etc., paid.

    When I got CFS 2 years later, I was so fortunate that the love of my life took care of me until I got my SSDI, so I didn't have the pressure others did.

    Then when she got it in 1995, I was able to support her until her disability was approved, so we have been truly blessed.

    My two daughters are precious, they are very supportive, but one lives 1600 miles away and just finished college herself, the other 50 miles away, and works at hard labor for a living. A grson and grdau; grdau got CFS at 15, missed all last 3 yrs of h.s., home schooling didn't work out, now getting GED, to try comm. coll. Personally I don't think she can do it, but she has to try!

    So that's my story. I'm sorry, I can't really remember how I ever helped YOU out, could you give me a hint? A person very close to you, what? Or, tell me date I wrote you...Oh, well, if you can't I really understand..this has been private SO FAR! I can't "chat" with webtv, or I'd meet ya over there!

    Talk at ya again soon, dear person....

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