Wakemeup.............yoo hoo......

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    Hi Sweetie,
    I was happy to hear from you on my post!

    How ya doing girl?

    Please when you feel up to it write me and fill me in on whats up with you :)

    I myself have been off the board for a few months ......my computer got a bad virus.....I had DSL and had nothing but problems gettijg infected with it.........so I said forget it and put my infected virus to rest for good!

    Now I use my sons laptop......whenever I can that is!:)

    "Yeah" my health is the worst it has ever been and Iam certain that th e"MOLD" I've been complaining about for THREE years is the culprit!

    I told my DR on my last visit that I feel like Iam dying! I'm not looking for sympathy or exaturating I feel that sick!

    NOW on top of being so sicki I don't have a paycheck because of the "MOLD"! So my stress levels are all time high worrying about finances............while I was working full timde it was so hard physically but for once in our married life my husband and i had some financial security or at least a bit of peace where money is concerned!

    Sorry for going on about myself......I really want to know how your doing k?

    "Oh" and BTW I DID sign that petition and sent it to SEVERAL people I know! Iam fed up like you are as far as that issue goes!

    Write soon k?!
    Love you

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