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    wAKE I was just reading noes from that rheumy who blew me off, and on the last page I found a notation re Syrinx.

    As he never mentioned this to me, I thought I would web it, and I thought the site would interest you as it sort of mirrors your own symptoms. Especially the cysts and brain tumors.

    I also found a site where they will do a free two week research in patient paying travel for you and one other and all costs.

    Look at it, as it surely rings a bell on your symptoms, is a little off mark on all of mine, but covers a few.

    Interestingly, he was meant to send me to neurosurgeon but never did, but as it happens I am off to see one of my own accord today as I discovered neurosurgeons treat neck pain and mostly without surgery.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  2. Cromwell

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    I will report back later today. Yes, some of the syrinx sounds scary, but the neck and shoulder pain with the cyst in brain reminded me of you.

    Boy it is soooo humid here. We have had torrential rains and a lot of flooding just outside where we live.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    Well another complete waste. Polite cheerful nice enough manwho rushed through the exam and told me it was proably all FM.

    I then said, "Well do you believe in FM as I notice you list it on your symptoms check list?" and he said, "Well, not really as it cannot be proven, but hey, if people say they have it let them have it."

    I pressed him about the numbness and pain, and all he said was he had no idea what was causing it. He thought it was all in the musclature.

    Then I had a row with Dan once we got home as he was going on and on about something irrelevant, plus the whole family were saying, well that was good, he does not think you have anything.

    Geepers. So don't bother going to neurosurgeon I guess bad advice.

    The good news is I do have the appt with the pain doctor on 10th, hope he does better.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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