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  1. findmind

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    Hi, sweetie, thought I'd check in to see if you called Marjorie yet?

    Let me know, ok?

    I'm going to dr tomorrow. Up early, shower and just go.

    Still having problems, and DP says I have big red spot in r. eye, which I can't see.

    Talk to ya soon,

  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    So glad I reminded you!

    Never made it to dr. today; I called, and my substitute dr was needed elsewhere, so I don't have a dr. now!

    They told me to take it easy over the weekend and just come in when I can on Monday, and the nurse will evaluate what I might need.

    So that was my day! How was yours? It's supposed to get down to 30 here for next two nites! I have on long-johns and am still cold. I have heat on 70, and DP gets hot flashes and about passes out while I'm still cold! Gotta love it.

    I just read an article from BioMedCentral about gastroparesis showing up in 2 women in early 20s---it was found on MRI that they had MS! So it seems that could be a sign of MS and some of our board members who have such terrible gastro problems may be describing it?

    Your son wants your undivided attention, huh? Is he bored, feeling lonely? Anyone else that can entertain him for awhile? When my grandson does that to me, I find a really neat book about myths, mysteries, etc., and show him just one article and off he goes reading more of them. HA he doesn't get what I just did!

    Let me know how you are..


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