Walking and not chewing gum at the same time...

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    On Labor Day, last Monday, I was walking (& not chewing gum) and I stepped wrong and got a painful wrenching spasm in my left calf. I sat for the rest of the afternoon. I soaked it when I got home in my tub. It hurt in the morning, but I was able to go back to school and function. As the day progressed, the pain dissipated. I was happy, cause I had a lot of standing & walking to do, setting up a new classroom.

    The rest of the week was fine. No screaming from my inner calf. I was so happy.

    Uh-oh. Tonight, I was walking down the steps in my house, and mamma mia, I must have stepped down in the exact same spot, cause my inner calf is SCREAMING & throbbing in pain again.

    Again, I was only walking and was NOT chewing gum!

    Does anybody else have these weird muscle spasm flares? Any good suggestions about dealing with it or preventing it from happening again?

    Thank you for listening and offering help.


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    Im so sorry your in so much pain...Spasms can be very painful....I too tend to have alot in my calf and back. I also was having severe cramps in my calves which Im pretty sure was coming from lack of potassium...which I now take extra potassium and that has helped...

    I also take Zanaflex 4mg when needed for the spasms...are you taking any type of muscle relaxer??

    I hope you feel better soon and sorry I couldnt help much here..

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    Thanks for your response, Bluerose.

    I do take a muscle relaxer called Baclofen. I almost ran out of them and had 2 left yesterday. I was a little nervous. Our drug plan requires we mail away for our medications. Luckily, the refill did come in yesterday's afternoon mail. Phew. I never took Zanaflex. Do you recommend it? Have you ever taken Baclofen?

    I took 1 before and I took an Ultracet pain pill. I am almost out of them also. I tried to order the generic version of Ultracet (as I have read others on this site take the generic) but I spoke to a rep. from the place we are required to order our meds from and she said, the prescription HAS to be written for Tramadol and generic tylenol in order for it to be processed generically. She said, it is not an exact equivalent to Ultracet as other generics are. So, I have to spend six times as much for that medicine. I usually take 2 Baclofens before bedtime. My doctor recommended I take them to help me sleep better through the night. I still get up during the night, but I usually can go back to sleep.

    Back to the spasm questions and answers... how often do you get these spasms? Do you take potassium in a pill or eat more foods with potassium to help yourself? I did have a banana today. It is so weird, how these spasms, just POP up and OUT. Is there anything that you do that prevents them from occuring?

    When I was first diagnosed with FMS, my doctor told me my whole back was one HUGE spasm. I was in soooo much pain. He told me to reduce the stress in my life. Oh right! I looked at him like he was nuts. How do you do that??? Anyway, I have found ways to do that. It has taken time, but my stress level is reduced and on the whole my FMS has been much better.

    I was NOT stressed when this muscle spasm got me in my calf last week and tonight. So why now? I don't know.

    I thought the spasm might have happened last week due to hormonal changes. Do you notice a difference with your spasms at different times during your monthly cycle?

    I appreciate your suggestions.


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    Hi y'all!

    As I wrote yesterday, I had another intense muscle spasm in my left calf yesterday. I was walking, and NOT chewing gum when this happened.

    I asked for suggestions, because I thought I was feeling beter. Not exactly!

    I have been thinking about my yoga class. I didn't go this week, because I had an orientation to meet the parents of my sudents to attend instead.

    As I think about it, I wonder if NOT stretching has caused my body to go into random spasms.

    Has this happened to anyone? Just curious,



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