Walking Pnuemonia found out I have had for a month...

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    Just wanted to let everyone know about this.

    About a month ago my son's girlfriend was sick and went to doctor he told her she a bacterial infection that was contagious. Told her not to go to work (works at an afterschool elementary daycare.) Well she went to work anyway.

    I told my son they really didn't need to come to around me with my cfids and no immune system. They came anyway. Well, you know how our symptoms are, they can mimick everything.

    Anyway, I have been extremely sick every since then.
    My symptoms:

    Extreme fatigue - more than usual, did not get up until afternoons. Did not want to get up then.
    Extreme Dizziness - felt like I was going to faint
    Extreme Shortness of breath - felt like could not get enough oxygen
    Extreme loss of appetite
    Extreme Sore throat
    Extreme Swollen neck glands
    Chest pain
    Blurry Vision
    Sweating (more than usual)
    Unable to concentrate more than usual
    Lower than normal blood pressure

    Well, during this time, went to new internist first. She did nothing, I mean nothing except knock it down to CFIDS. This is why I am so leary of telling a new doctor of what I have. They tend to do this. No blood tests, etc. Said I should go to cardiologist. Went to cardio, all tests normal. Said I should to pulmonary dr. - all tests normal. No one did blood tests.

    Also, during this time to went to gyn for annual and yeast infection. Had candida and thrush. (still do).

    (By the way, went to gastrentologist before all of this for extreme abdominal pain. He did draw blood at that time and my blood count was high - he said it was from the prednisone I was on.)

    So, last night I just felt like my heart was going to stop. So, I went to an urgent care facility today. Told him I felt like I had either strep or mono and I felt like I was anemic.

    Nurse took temp, pulse (couldn't find one in my left arm at first, then it was very faint) drew blood and strep culture. It came back that I had mycoplasma (walking)pneumonia - highly contagious stuff.

    Nurse gave me 2 shots - anti and steroid. He prescribed antibiotics, a decongestant/anhistamine with a drying agent and a pain killer cough syrup. I have not had much a cough, just a little dry one. Went to drug store and insurance would not cover any of it. I said well I pay for the antibiotic (its a new kind - no generic). And asked pharmacist to call dr. to see if they would prescribe different meds for other so I wouldn't have to pay as much.

    She called the nurse and was put on hold for awhile, nurse came back and said Dr. said, No, I want her to take what I prescribed. So, of course, it was very expensive. Nurse and pharmacist thought he was very rude. Just par for the course for me this month with drs.

    Also, last week my son's girlfriend had to call ambulance because she couldn't breathe. Gave her oxygen, went to ER, they did breathing tests and ct scan. That night they gave her xanax and told her it was anxiety. The next morning they called back and said well, we found some spots on your lungs and think you have pneumonia. They gave her antibiotics, etc. and sent her to pulmonary.

    Anyway, I wish the first doctor I went to would have gotten off of her can and did some bloodwork. Oh, I am so tired of doctors.

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    And someone, I won't name who, wants us to not rant on about bad/incompetent doctors! Huh!

    You poor, poor thing! I've had this so many times, I've lost count, and it is so, so terrible! You have really been a saint to even put up with the total ignorance of the so-called trained!

    That's why they call it "practicing" medicine, I guess.

    I hope you feel better real soon, and continue to get stronger with each passing day and prayer of ours..

  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    actually, once you have it, you always have it, but your immune system can keep it down.

    I'm sorry you got the run around, docs rarely think to test for that, you are actually lucky you got dx'd that quick. Its too bad you paid so much for those fancy antibiotics. I doubt they'll do you any favours, but make your yeast problems worse. They tried treating me w/ abx too, it was low dose, every 2nd day, but for 9 mths. Haven't got rid of the yeast problem since.

    My own immun e system can knock it down better. I take the right supplements, lots of vit. C, treat the yeast w/ natural antifungals, and I use probiotics religiously. Deep breathing and fresh air help lots too. Even if you can barely move, a teeny bit of exercise really helps, whatever you can manage, half a block even, a few stretches. Gets the blood flowing and lymph moving. Helps w/ the low blood pressure, which makes you freeze and see stars and be dizzy and nauseaus, right? I remember that time well, it was the worst. I think the abx actually kept me sick longer. It gives a terrible herx, and even though it does knock the bacteria back, it knocks your immune system down even more.


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