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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cara, Apr 28, 2003.

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    Just wondered if anyone has the same problem with CFS.

    After a recent holiday I have been feeling really dizzy with loud ringing in the ears. If I stand still I feel like I am not here it is an awful feeling. I have also felt really tired and been sleeping for hours. Last week I felt really shaky all over and yestereday my legs just gave way and now will not hold up my weight which is only 7 stone. My calf muscles are really painful and feel tight also.

    I guess I have over done it again.

    Does this happen to anyone else on here?
    Thank you for your help it is very much appreciated.
  2. Bellesmom

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    It varies in intensity, tho. Sometimes I can walk (fall, if you like) right into a wall. Other time I do quite well but I never know which day will bring the bad stuff on. How often does this happen to y ou?

    I feel as though I am turning to rubber after even mild effort. I do get very shaky and cannot stand up most of the time for very long. I just find it easier to be in bed most of the time.

    I started giving myself B12 injections last week and while the first shot one month ago actually seemed to give some instant help the last 2 have not been that successful so I'm at a loss to explain that. But the shots are so easy after getting over the initial fear of pain (it doesn't hurt).

    Anyway, I do identify with your post and wish you the best. It's difficult to be in this situation and not have anyone understand. I do understand what you are talking about and know there are others here who could add to this discussion.

    Best of everything to you.

    Spanaway, WA, USA
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    I too have all these symptoms with my fibro. The dizziness is very frustrating and find in the times it wares me out. Just take it easy and take your supplements! Good Luck your not alone. Tina