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    my husband and family want me to walk this summer. im about 80 lbs overweight I would feel so much better with this weight off, ive been overweight a long time cant blame it on fibro but now my feet hips legs are so painful. when I walk any distance the pain gets to where i cant walk anymore.

    my husband walks 4 miles no problem my question is if i try will it get easier or less painful.im almost 62 and dont want to be a cripple. thx love gail
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    you need to be able to go at your own pace and build up to what YOU feel comfortable doing. I have two pups that I now walk most days, but we go at our own pace. When I walked before with my husband it was like walking with a drill sergeant and I hated it. My legs hurt, my feet hurt, I quit. Now I enjoy walking with my pups, and while it may not be up to gym standards, at least I am moving. ( I don't go as much in the heat).... I have to say too, a lot of it is in the shoes you wear. I can't stand tennis shoes. They now have walking flip flops, which I love - explore your options, get comfortable and you might just enjoy it more than you think.
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    Hi Gail - You could always try walking just a short distance and see how that goes. Even if it is just to the end of the driveway and back, it is a start. If you can manage that for a week or two, then try adding a bit more distance. Even if you just add one minute per day each week or two, it soon adds up, and, hopefully, because you are doing it gradually your body won't get to the point you can't walk anymore.

    If your goal to to lose weight, are you also considering changes to your eating habits and adding in some form of weight exercise? The combination of the three will result in faster weight loss than just walking by itself.

    Good luck!
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    Absolutely go at your own pace. I started out at a block using my cane. At the end of the year i was walking 3 miles 5 days a week...no cane. I would stress the importance of proper footwear...i ended up with plantar fasciitis from the wrong shoes. I havent been able to do any real walking since. Happy walking!
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    The problem I have is that the humidity in the summer makes me sick. I did find a church that has a track and you can go there to walk. Cuts down on the humidity.

    Lots of good advice and can't add to that but I just have to tell this story.

    I was talking to my PCP and she suggested walking. She asked me if I had a dog as then you have no choice but to walk. I told her I am not allowed dogs in my duplex and she said, "How about a pretend dog?" So I have been walking my pretend dog and I don't have any mess to clean up!!

    Do you remember the leashes that made it look like you are walking an invisible dog? I wonder if they still make them?

    Let us know how it goes.

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    start slow in duration. build up slowly. in time should be easier, less painful.

    consider a treadmill if you have one- or can join a fitness center. treadmill is softer on the joints and body.

    also make sure to have decent quality sneakers!!! you can buy cushy inserts at drugstore or walmart for added comfort.

    another option- water exercise or swimming. no pain!!!!! good exercise!!

    go for it lady!!!!!!

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    I LOVED my walking time! I had a 65yo walking partner. I was 39 and she could run circles around me. Gradually a couple of more women joined us...and i swear it was more like therapy. We had so many laughs...griped about hubbies and kiddies...even shared tears a time or two. I love my dh...but id have rather had my women friends on those walks. Three years ill always cherish! Oh...i lost 132lbs too. I was a big girl! :)
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    OMG Gap - that's GREAT! I can see you now, walking your pretend dog, saying "heel!" LOL!

    I try to walk in the spring/summer. Last year I didn't do so well, but I know that when I DO walk, I feel so much better - about everything. There is something about getting outside, getting some fresh air, moving your body, knowing your doing something good for yourself that makes you feel better, both mentally and physically.

    Everything you do takes conditioning. If your husband walks fast or you feel even the slight bit uncomfortable or pressured to keep up, walk with a friend or alone. I'd have no problem walking alone. Where I live, I love to walk through the neighborhood and look at people's yards and flowers. We have a beautiful bike path that goes by the lake, it's very peaceful and calm. Some people use an ipod, (I don't), but that's an option?. If you can only go down a few houses and back, that's okay - or as far as you can - just remember you have to turn around and walk back - so turn around while you're still feeling good! Keep doing that distance for a week and if you want to go a little further then do, if not that's okay, you're still moving which is fantastic!

    Reward yourself when you get back home with a nice big glass of iced tea with fresh strawberries! Then sit and read your favorite book and relax after accomplishing something for yourself!

    Wearing good supportive shoes is very important. I'm really bad about that. I'd go barefoot if I could. Someone mentioned the good flipflops. I think I saw some on some website. Does anyone remember what brand they are?

    Maybe we should all virtual group walk?

    Congrats on those of you who walk regularly!! You inspire me!