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    when I go walking and do some light exsersize, I will experence sever pain for a week or more, then I have to go to the ER and will get injections of pain meds. Why do I experence this everytime I try to walk off this weight of 210lbs. Help !!!!! flyinglow.
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    I have read that it is important to start out exercise very, very slowly and gradually increase otherwise you can hurt yourself. If you are ending up in the E.R., then what you are doing is way too much or you have an injury. I personally suggest you see your primary care physician/general doctor and discuss this with your doctor and explain the E.R. visits, and have a physical to find out if there is anything he/she should be concerned about. If everything is okay, then ask for an exercise plan he/she would recommend based on the past problems with pain. Good luck.
  3. I hear you, I eat very little, stomach emptying problem, have fibro and find exercise painful. I am going to PT to learn some hopefullyl helpful stretches that may help. Walking is hard with my bad back, hips and feet. so losing is hard. do u have fibro?
  4. what I do, on a good day or I should say, a better day with fibro , when I go to the grocery store or any store with a cart to hang onto I go up and down more aisles even if I dont need anything in that aisle. Any exercise is better than none. Finally my rheum. asked me when I said my muscles esp. in my hips were too tight , he asked if I did stretches that were shown to me for fibro. I said no, so he is sending me for a couple sessions. Hopefully it helps.