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    When I try to go walking it feels like some one is taking a sledge hammer and smacking my shins with it. I'm just getting frustrated with all of this. My feet kill me just going to the store and walking around. They either hurt or get hot or they go numb. I've been having I guess nerves going hay wire in my feet lately. It's driving me nuts. It's hard to explain. The only way I can is that it feels like when you put your lips together and blow.........that type of vibration. Only it's in my feet. Sometimes it's just a toe going crazy but right at the moment it's the middle of my foot.
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    The foot pain is horrible and I am so sorry you have that. I have had it in the heel and ball of my foot. I also have had the tingling and the knife feeling like a blade was going through your foot.

    I know it hurts so badly to walk but you have to keep pushing on, for to sit and give into it is the worse thing we can do. We have to work these muscles to keep them from going to nothing.

    I have a stationary bicycle which I use and I try to walk five minutes a day three or four times a day. Sometimes that is all I can do for the day and I will never forget one time I stood in the middle of the grocery store and cried my feet hurt so badly.

    I also have compassion for your frustration as I have had it and still do. But the one thing I refuse to do is become conquered by all of this. If all I can do some days is take a bath and walk five minutes, I have done something. I have to go to the store today and am dreading it, but I have to learn to live with this because it is not going away unless God decides to heal me.

    God Bless you and the one thing this disease cannot take away from you is a smile.

    Love you,