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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ggks, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. ggks

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    I was browsing online this morning and found out that walmart is planning to close out their fabric department sometime this spring, and put is a Celebration's department. To me that means party stuff. To check on this just go to any Sewing Forum.
    Can someone tell us where to write or email? ggks
  2. TKE

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    Not all Wal-Marts are closing their fabric section. Those that are have lacking fabric sales. It all depends on your location. Ours is remaining open, but scaling back some.

    If you have access to the Marth Pullen sewing forum, mainly the embroidery board, they had a post with info on this.

    If you shop at a local Wal-Mart then ask for the manager & put in a complaint. Talk to the fabric dept manager. Ask your family, friends & neighbors to do the same.

  3. joyfully

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    Thankfully, I have a Hobby Lobby close. I too purchase alot of stuff at the WalMart fabric dept. Lots of yarn, fabrics, and trims.

    Even worse, the JoAnne Fabrics is closing on my side of town. They are closing two stores and building a SUPER STORE. Well, it is a long distance for me to drive to get to the new location when it opens. So I guess I'll just be doing all my shopping for fabrics and yarns at Hobby Lobby.

    Walmart got rid of my favorite bread. It was a multigrained bread by S. Rosen in Chicago that they shipped down here. There wasn't anything else that even came close to the quality, texture, fiber content, and NO CHEMICALS or preservatives of this bread. Sob, sob, sob!

    What is Walmart going to get rid of next????

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