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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Irene and my family just moved from Louisiana to Vancouver, Wa. area. We moved for my husbands job. We do not have any family or friend support here. I was diagnosed with Fibro back in 2001. I've always tried to arm myself with information and treatment with Fibro. The challenging part has always been to find friends who will understand or stick around during my flares. It has also been a challenge to find other Fibro sufferers who although have horrible days (we all do) that are positive and upbeat despite this unpredictable syndrome. We all need to vent once in a while, but Fibro is not the only thing I am about. I would like to connect with positive people and make new friends who share this positive spirit.
    Gentle hugs to you all,
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    Hi Irene,

    Welcome to Pro Health. There are so many places to post and learn from and or just vent and make friends. You can check out so many Forums here. Check around and see what looks and feels comfy for you.

    I also have FM and maybe some CFS too and have had the FM for at least 30 years when people thought you were making things up cause many of us looked to good to be sick. I too made a big move over 30 years ago with DH's job and ended up in TX from NY. Just love it here even though it takes some getting used to with the weather. I would much rather have the awful heat to the horrible cold and snow and ice. However, that is my preference and body that doesn't like it. I am stiff enough in the summer :)!!

    If you feel like venting or chatting about almost anything you are in the right place - Chit Chat. You can start your own post like you just did to chat or try the Porch or the Lounge. You can talk about almost anything there too. The Porch is the one with the Volumes and Porchlight in the Title of the post. Diane and Soul also like to do the games like What In The World where you try and guess the pics sent . People GOOGLE and try and find the answer. That is great if you are on the computer a lot and enjoy doing that. I like it but I am always distracted and can't stay on the computer that long. We only have one and DH and I share - not always easy at time.

    If you have questions about your "syndromes" , medical problems, etc. you can post about it in the different forums usually FM and CFS (or ME) and chat with people with similar problems. They also have a store here where you can get great products , supplements, if you would like to try them. Chit Chat is to chat about almost anything you would like to talk about- cooking, recipes, hobbies, or just vent if something is bugging you at home or at the docs. They even have a good doc thread that has been going on for some time, if you need a doctor.

    Sorry to be blabbing on. Need to get dinner started and then go to choir practice. I haven't been to that in some time since I started trying the chiro for 3x a week. It has helped my flexibility some but not sure about the pain or pressure, discomfort or whatever you want to call it in my head and neck. I now go 2x but soon will be finished with the plan I signed up for. It has been all paid for by us so I can't afford to go much more. Medicare doesn't like to pay for a lot so the doctor of chiro (or at least mine) doesn't even want to bother with them. Some others have been the same.

    I had better sign off for now, this is getting to long and hope you aren't taking a nap as you read this.
    Hope to see you a lot a posting , having fun and learning along the way and making friends. I have quite a few friends on here. It is almost like a family. Check it out sweetie !! Excuse any typos as I haven't gotten a chance to check for them :oops:

    Jam must have been typing while I was. She has been here for some time too and she knows a lot about alternative therapies and supplements, etc. I know you will want to talk to her too and you are both on the Left coast :)!!

    Lots of soft hugs your way,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Irene

    Let me join Jam and Granni in welcoming you to the board. If you click on "Forums",
    you can find other boards at this same site. There is one for Fibro & Chronic Fatigue.
    Also at the top of the page you can find the "Board Rules" and "Supplement News" and
    the "Shop".

    The Chit Chat board is for socializing. The Porch and the Lounge have no specific topic.
    Folks talk about family, old songs, favorite movies, recipes, jokes, books, shopping, etc.
    I just started reading Dolly Parton's autobiography, and I know folks want to hear about

    "Irene" reminds me of the musical of the same name. It was a big hit around the time of
    WW I, and was revived for Debbie Reynolds in the 70s. The big hit song was "Alice
    Blue Gown" which I first heard half a century ago at a Freshman Variety Show.

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    Welcome Irene. That's quite a change from the two states, very, very different in every aspect. Do you like Vancouver? I visited it about 45 years ago and really loved it. Also have very fond memories of Victoria. I'm sure on those "good days" you will have fun exploring.

    I'm sorry you've been moved to an unfamiliar place, but I'm sure you'll slowly find people who can share with you. I've lost "friends" over the years because they just don't understand WHY? All I can say is.......it hurts! It's good to find those kindred spirits who understand. Please come here and share more about yourself and your new life.

    I've had FM for about 30 years, like Granni. Over time it's gotten much worse, along with spine problems and other ailments. This sure wasn't the life I imagined for me, but "things" happen and you just have to make the best of it. I found this board about 12 years ago and this is where I learned everything I know about FM and CFS. Most doctors just give a rudimentary bit of info, sad to say. I've tried chiro treatment, acupuncture, neck traction and PT, exercise, herbs, trying to drop sugar (boy that's hard) and at this point have to rely on ibuprofen daily along with tramadol for when the pain gets bad.

    Do you still work? I'm retired but my husband still works. I have 3 grown children, and two wonderful grandchildren, ages 10 and 5. On my "good days" I like to paint in oils. Also used to love gardening with a passion but find it very hard to do this anymore. I used to have a small antique business so have gotten involved with trying to sell my treasures on Etsy.......kinda like Ebay but you open a "store" and hope you can sell. And I enjoy going out with my camera or doing still life set ups at home.
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    Hi, Irene,

    Welcome to our little Online Family. The Chit Chat Forum is such a special place to all of us. People here are warm and kind. Same with people on the other Forums. There is so much wisdom about our illnesses on the CFS/FMS Forum for medical issues. This Forum is like a group gathering on the Porch to chat over coffee. We discuss most everything here and try to support one another in times of need. We share our joys too. I'm so glad you found us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Welcome Irene...I do hope you find your way back here and join in (or rather jump in:)).

    I was diagnosed in 2002, but once I learned what FM was, I realized I've had it most of my life. If anything, you'll find out you're not alone!!! ProHealth opened doors for me in that regard. And, as a result of forums like "Chit Chat" I've developed several "on line" friendships that have lasted a long time...some are quite close friendships. I hope the same for you.