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    I feel sorry for you and the daughter of the nurse. I liked the response of the others, especially the one telling the nurse that people with FM usually have normal bloodwork. I am not familiar with the tests you are referring to but

    your symptoms are alot different than what I experience with FM. A neurologist and a rheumatologist are probably the best docs to discuss your paticular issues with, but I know that you said you have no insurance. If you were to

    bring in a short but sweet piece of material, write-up on the basics of FM and tell the nurse that you thought that this piece was very good at describing FM and that it might be useful for her daughter to read, she may actually read

    it over & LEARN A THING or 2. Treat it as if you really wanted her to better understand the illness, of course be real cordial & matter a fact about it. GOOD LUCK with this, I'm not sure I helped but people like her really tick me off!!!

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    i have gotten to where i ignore them but still get a bang out of there10 years of education for stupididty. see ya

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