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    Hey I just read the post about how en=veryone thought of their screennames and then I had to read your profile!!!!!!I have always loved Nugent--------My brother worked on his reality show--------WANTED TED OR ALIVE--------HE SPENT SEVERAL MONTHS working w/ him-------I think it was in Montana--------not sure though-----Pretty sure they are going to do a part 2 !!!!!! Anyhoo.....Do you still play???? The 1st concert i went to was BREAD w/ my oldest sister-I was 15---------then I went to Nugent(floor seats w/ friends) WOW---that was so much fun-!!!!!!Hope you are feeling well?????Take care LOVE TO ALL-------LAURA
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    JUST BUMPING!!!!!!
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    that is pretty cool, my brother and i both love ole ted. you are the only who has noticed tha name. ted the only person alive i would like to meet. sounds like your broher got yo know him pretty well.
    i havent played for about a year now i have been teaching a friend of mine son guitar. the last time we played was about a year and a half ago in a small town. my brother and i would switch off on lead guitar and we had wireless set ups so we were free'ed up to move around.
    by the time we were done they asked us not to come back, i was in the audiance and on the tables we were just teddin it up. it was kind of funny. they wanted us to play some country song for the last so we played ride the lighting by metallica a very fast and loud song.
    any way thanks for the write. we do have tickets to see sammy hagar and poison this summer 2 rows from the front i hope i am felling up for it.
    be well bill
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    Bill, Thanks for posting back!!!I would have loved to seen your last show---------It must have been a REAL GREAT ONE---as yall did not get invited back!!!!!What fun!!!!----I do not think the crew got to interact w/ TED that much----that was part of my brothers job--------to keep people away from him---------But he did enjoy it--------he loved the area they were in----------TED lives on a big ranch------he got to ride ATVs around the ranch and he said it was really pretty-----When they do the other tv show Ill let you know-------Keep in good health so you will enjoy the Hagar concert----------I hope one day ill feel like doing something like that-------I went out about a month ago---------felt horrible for a LONG time--------But one of my favorite things is going to listen music---There really is not anywhere in Griffin( whre I live) to go------------so we havw to travel atleast 50 miles to go somewhere decent!!!!!!Atlanta,Ga or Macon<Ga is closet!!!! I hope you are feeling well!!!TAKE CARE AND LOVE TO ALL------LAURA
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    i grew up in michigan so ted nugent is a is/was a big deal....
    he had a store off a highway in michigan going towards jackson...

    he used to go hunting on a relatives property in michigan...

    my favorite song is "free for all"

    the great white gonzo

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    shure know your ted nugent . being 45 yrs old most of the women i know can only mutter out some 18 yr old pop singer they like. oh the good ole days.
    its funny to go to a concert now days my brother and i go every year to at least 2. 2 yrs ago it was kenny wayne sheperd, xx top and uncle ted was there. but the people there was half parents and half kids. kind of neat.
    be well all.