Wanna see a pic of Asa in her hottub LOL

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    Hope I don't get us all banned from the worship board. Ha. Boy, Asa you have your work cut out for you this week. Lovethesun wanted to know if I knew chords to Leaning on the Everlasting Arms but if you don't know the song that won't help much. Unless she can sing it from California and you can here it in New York. Just a thought. I would like an easy one. Holy, Holy, Holy. (And no I am not talking about my underwear!!) Can you tell I am in rare form today. Thanks Asa.

  2. pepper

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    hoping to see Asa there! But it is your beautiful cat! Now I will have to check your posts to see what her name is since I forget. She is gorgeous, Nancy.

    Hope you are having a good day.
  3. Asatrump

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    Very funny! I have Everlasting Arms in every hymnal it was the other request I do not have: My Lord and I, In God's Green pastures.

    You guys have me so confused I will be playing wholey wholey to the tune of California Here I come.

    I am also in rare form today after watching the water company dig a 12x12 foot hole in my front yard, ruin my lawn, plus a 12x4 ' patch of tarvia drive, then they hit my water, so we had a guyser.... yesterday had a tree fall on the roof of camp, plus today got my sons two puppies back from the vet freshly spayed.

    I am not sure of much, plus the doorbell will start any minute. I have had enough tricks for the day, looking for some treats. For a treat please go to a post from October 28 that starts saying Hi Nancy and read reply number two and please immediately respond when you get the message, this will be in private.

    By the way, when the husband got home he blew a gasket! Probably heard round the NE.
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