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    I just had a chance to review a report from a rheumy my primary referred me to. Mainly about arthritis in my thumbs but also fibro. Long story short in the first visit with him I found out quickly he knew nothing about FIBRO. He made some comment about the only thing he could suggest changing or adding was water aerobics!! I came with pages of differnt meds to try, tests, etc. I ended up not even bothering because he was obviously an idiot. They ran blood, urine, x-rays, etc. I refused to even make a followup appt because I wouldn't waste my time or money. Now I see a report that says "Re: underlying fibromyalgia-needs to have better control of thyroid function before making this DX!! What an idiot! I'm furious. I want to write a letter telling him exactly what I think of him and send copy of the county medical assoc. This is on my record! Anyone taken this action in response to such ignorance? I'm not standing still for this. I'll go to another doc, obviously, but I want to expose him for what he is!!
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    I have written to a Dr. I was very digusted with but I don't know that it did any good. I received no response.
    I honestly think some of them are convinced we are whiners and throw our letters in the waste basket.

    If it will make you feel better to write the letter, go ahead.
    If not, then use the energy to find a better Dr. I hope you have great success finding a Dr. you can work with.
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    bad Dr. visit. We just expect better (especially when we have to pay for it!). A few days ago I went to the DR with my Mom to discuss treatment options for her cancer. I had questions written in a notebook and I was very well prepared. I let him give his long speech (Drs. HAVE to do this)and waited until he was through. Then, I started asking my questions. His answer to the first one was,"I'll answer that later." He had a snotty answer to the 2nd one and then after my 3rd question he said,"OK, you're not listening." in a very snotty voice! I have never been so shocked. I know we suffer from fibro-fog at times but, I swear I was clear and asked intelligent questions! At that point I put my notebook away in my purse and stared at the table for the rest of the meeting. I didn't ask anymore questions, that's for sure!

    I have been so mad ever since. I am getting relief by telling every woman I know not to go to him, and day-dreaming about what I WISH I'd said and done! I hope you find your solution to your situation and I'm very sorry you were treated that way.
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    And, unfortunately, many doctors just won't ever change their opinions. I would agree that it might be in your best interest to just let it go. I don't know about actual problem patient lists, but it wouldn't surprize me a bit. I do know that there is a club ... doctors stick together ... just a fact. And doctors that tend to think outside the box don't really advertise it ... it could mean professional suicide. The good ones just seem to operate as best as they can within their given parameters and community. The bad ones ... well you can show them study anfter study, and for whatever reason, they won't give up their stance ... they'll go to grave believing they are right.

    You really might need to address thyroid issues, and frankly I haven't heard of many rheumys ever even going there. Maybe he could refer you to someone who is more knowledgeable about thyroid. He should have done that much. As you probably know, there are many systems involved with our DD ... thyroid, adrenal, sleep issues and on and on. For what it's worth, I won't go to another Rheumy. They've wasted my time and that of many people I know.

    If it's any consolation ... things are changing for us. Doctors are becoming more and more aware, more and more studies are being done, and we are gaining validation ... slow but sure. They thought diabetes and Lupus were "all in people's heads" at one time, too. So, if you think this guy was a jerk, dismiss him and keep trying to find someone who does know what they are talking about.

    I swear, I feel your pain. I've even entertained the thought of changing careers to become a patient advocate or something that might have some positive impact on our plight. I might yet! Best luck!
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    FIRST..discuss this wiht your primary doc that referred you to him. See what he says.

    I had a rhumy that did that to me also, when I got my records he had said I didn't have symptoms I did have and vice versa. I had even taken a list of symptoms and gave it to him, which he did read. It said he told me things that he did not.
    It is my understanding that it is law that you can request a review AND correction of your records from him. Do a search for "medical records errors" and you can get good ideas how to phrase your letter. If it is written "professionally", not just a rant and rave he will respond...he has to. Send it certified mail. I believe he has 14 days to reply.
    I was amazed my doc re-wrote my entire file!! HE admitted making mistakes.

    It takes time, but it could make a difference later...especially if you have to file for disability.

    One more point....HAVE you had your thyroid tested? It would be a good idea. It's just a simple blood test.

    Good luck
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    In fact, I wrote to my rhume just last week when she told me my requests for massage therapy, hydrotherapy and pilates for my fibro were "unreasonable and without basis." She bid me fairwell and gave me a prescription for Lodine which I refuse to fill. Anyway, I agree that there are a lot of doctors who do not want to admit that the do not anything about this disease. They have a "god" complex and hate being questioned. I understand about not wanting to be blacklisted. Anyway, when I write letters I do a blind cc to my primary as well as my insurance company. I have also previously filed a formal written complaint about a really bad doctor with my prior insurance company.