Want Me to Slap My Husband for You? Re his comments on fibro?

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  1. JLH

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    I think that I have mentioned before that my husband is a really nice guy .... but he does have a few faults, like all men!

    And .... I've mentioned that he is not very supportive of my many, many, many illnesses and problems!!! But, OMG, he's such a big baby when he even gets a cold!!!!

    Anyway, I wanted to really CHOKE HIM this afternoon, but would have settled on a BIG SLAP ACROSS THE FACE if I believed in violence!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He took the day off to help do some remodeling at my son's house. He came home for lunch. He brought the mail in when he came in. I was looking through the mail and received a card from a FFC Clinic -- some info that I had requested to see where the closest clinic was.

    This card had listed all the symptoms for fms and for cfs. I started reading off the symptoms for the fms, and said, "well, this is certainly me -- I have everything they have listed!"

    His comment was: "Oh, sh**! EVERYBODY has fibromyalgia now! The doctors tell all the women that! Why, every nurse we have in the office comes back from the doctor whining and complaining, saying that they have fibromyalgia. That's just the new diagnosis that all the doctors are giving out when you women go in there crying around about your aches and pains ... and you all are really just getting old!"

    WELL! I just about croaked!!! I really let him have it!! I said that I couldn't believe that he was making fun of one of my many problems that causes me such pain, fatigue, and weakness!!!

    He just laughed and walked on out the door saying that he had to get back to work.

    His office has about 28 nurses (all female) in it.

    Just because of his comments .... I did not make any supper!!! When he came in at the end of the day and wanted to know what we were having to eat, I told him I didn't feel good--that I was hurting so bad and the pinched nerve in my back was so flared up again that I couldn't stand up to cook. Of course, he got miffed and said that at least I could have fixed SOMETHING!

    So I told him that I had just planned on frozen pizza, which he hates!!

    He ended up frying bacon, eggs, hash browns, and put a pan of bisquits in the oven!!

    The entire time he was cooking, I got on the phone and called my mother and talked for a half hour until it was done!!

    UGH! HE MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm the better half!

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    Invite your husband on here....introduce him to me...Not joking...dead serious. Show him my profile and how lovely and glowy and madly in love and healty I am (er...was).

    I'm a perfectly normal woman who woke up one day at 29 and couldn't move. 5 mos, over 10000 in medical bills, 15 doctors, and over 50 doctors appointments later...I now am often unable to read and write...I was a very successful professional business woman who was an ENGLISH major at Ucla! LOL I can no longer drive whatsoever because of the severity of my brain fog, and the side effects of the 28 prescriptions I'm on...and even with darvocet, my pain is still in 8-9 range 90% of the time. There have been maybe 5 occasions in the last 5 months when I'd describe my pain level as anything less than excruciating. And I once walked around on a shattered ankle for 9 hours at a pub crawl...I can take pain.

    And finally, Can't work (obviously), so my career is now over, hubby and I just might go bankrupt without my salary, and I used to run a branch of the second largest bank in the world!! I had to buy a CANE yesterday as walking is becoming near impossible for me.

    I'm not old. Look at my photo. That was my wedding day 2 years ago. I'm now a newlywed, lost my career which was the primary way I defined myself, having issues with my husband as he's devastated seeing me like this and its ripping his heart out, I can no longer socialize, work, play actively with my 3 gorgeous stepkids, or do any of the things that used to bring me such joy (renovating my old money pit of an english cottage, for instance). I'm not signifigantly overweight, I've seen a phd in pain management weekly, and a psychiatrist, and both agree that I'm (miraculously!) not depressed, and am not suffering any sort of anxiety disorder. Only issues I've got psychologically is that I'm stressed out over money and the fact that my life...that I worked so very hard for...has now ground almost completely to a halt.

    You tell your husband that clearly in my case...I'm not old. I'm a vibrant healthy active woman...or at least I was. I'm not a bored unemployed depressed woman who would manufacture something like this to get attention. Believe me...this sort of attention noone needs. I cant go up or down stairs without a cane.....

    Bottom line here is that in no way shape or form to I fit his idea of the "traditonal" patient with Fibromyalgia and Myofascial pain syndrome....

    I have no other as yet diagnosed medical issues that don't arise from the FM or MPS...so nothing else is adding these symptoms. Oh, but my doctor did send me to the er a few weeks ago, as he was worried that my mental fogginess and inability to read and write and type was indicitive of a common result of Fm...ministrokes.

    A friend of the family has had FM and CFS for 10 years. No other medical problems except she has developed depression as a result of being disabled...she was a successful nursing administrator...quite a high level position before she became ill. She's been in Thomas Jefferson Memorial hospital for the last month and a half. Somehow, her FM lead to a tear in her brain stem, which is leaking spinal fluid all throughout her body cavity...she can no longer walk, and is near paralyisis. They did a brain surgery on her to repair the leak, and ended up inexplicably causing multiple more leaks.

    Or how about the new brain imaging...way to expensive as a standard diagnostic procedure at this point..but FM/CFS researchers have scanned brains of many patients with FM and CFS....amazingly enough, tiny pinprick holes are found throughout the brains of many patients who "just have FM" and "just have CFS".

    You know, the tell us that this won't kill us, but in many circumstances it does. It leads to docs ignoring signs of potential stroke...because the patient "just has FM". Leads to lack of diagnostic testing for sleep disorders which leads to congestive heart failure due to untreated sleep apnea...untreated because the patient "just had FM".

    Shall I continue? LOL

    I emplore you to do this. I've made learning about these diseases my "job" when I can actually read and write. I've only been sick for 5 months, so my research has a long long way to go. But I would be ever so glad to educate your husband about these devastating illnesses and the incredible pain and trauma we must go through just to get through the day. We have to deal with undereducated lunacy from doctors who know NOTHING about these disorders except the ama party line...which hasn 't been updated in many moons..or at least not with state of the art research.

    But I think I'm managed to BLAST many of the stereotypes here....

    We are not a bunch of hysterics. If anything, I'm a bit too methodical.

    We are not all suffering from depression which leads us to manifest these disorders...I've been told by two docs that I'm depression free, amazingly enough.

    We are not a bunch of bored housewifes craving attention. Most of us are professional people (or were), highly educated. And many of us had the hardest job of all....domestic goddess cargiver to husband and children...

    And there is NOTHING good about this disease that I would somehow "fake" it to the world. I may end up losing my home, which was a dream for both my husband and I. I'm struggling to pay thousands of medical bills when we've gone from two healthy incomes down to one...overnight. I may never be able to carry a child, which has been the dream of my heart since I fell in love with my husband because of the limitations this disorder shackles me with....

    The only conceivable positive in this whole mess of negative is that it gives me the opportunity to STAND UP and fight and be heard for all of us...so many of us have lost our voices after decades of ridicule and scorn. As soon as I get a modicum of my strengh back I plan to write a book to educate the world at large about the incredible amazing people who become devastated by this illness....and then have to suffer needlessly because of a bunch of underinformed doctors and uninformed public decides we're somehow worthy of scorn.

    My goal is to open a "boot camp" for spouses of those surviving FM, CFS, and MPS>....believe me....HUNDREDS of people commit suicide annually because they simply cannot endure their familes snide attitude about something that causes them to suffer so heinously without relent. This is unacceptable. And if your husband isn't a part of the solution, he's a part of the problem. Unacceptable.

    And I'd venture to say Janet that you are a much more restrained woman than I....he'd have been wearing that damn hash if I were there! LOL

    No really....I know so many people simply don't have the information they need to treat us with compassion. It peeves me off in wretched ways...but I know its an issue of ignorance and not malice for the most part.

    This can be fixed. Seriously, Janet...I'd love if you allowed him to read this and my profile. Lets see what his response is, shall we?

    Hang in there, girl....
    We've all been through this...You'd think with my soapbox stance on this my husband would be educated through and through....nope. He's still trying to pretend this doesn't exist! LOL...Not like I'm faking...just won't talk about it or adjust his life in any way to adjust to our new limitations. But we're working on it. But even he's not making nasty comments...and he's saddled with a wonderful woman he married, who almost overnight turned into a disabled woman with a cane who is incapable of washing her own hair much of the time....I'll get him back on track, but we're still both so new to this illness.

    Hugs...big ones!

  3. 69mach1

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    seriously rachel is right on about this fms/cfs stuff.

    i too college educated etc. much rather be working selling real estate or even dental assisting. but i no longer am able, hopefully can get to a point that i am again.

    anyways good job on dinner!

  4. silky17

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    I just love the way you write and speak your mind. Like I said in one of my last post to you is this....I believe you are and will be a great aspect to this site. Heck you might even be the one who brings us and our disease to the forfront. Like I say...........You go girl!

  5. suzetal

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    How dare he say that.I would not have held back.I would have just done it.

    Mind you I am also not a violant person .But boy that would have done it for me.

    Get Him
  6. stinker56

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    Hey jlh,
    I had to read to see what your hubby does for a living with 28 female nurses around him.
    Maybe you need to tell those nurses how he treats you at home and the comments he makes and let nature take its course. HA HA! I can't imagine they would make his life very comfy knowing how he talks and treats you if they are feeling the same way you do. I wouldn't wish this DD on anyone but you know, one day wouldn't hurt him too much and my what he would learn. His entire dispositon might improve drastically and it really needs an attitude adjustment. Let him eat frozen pizza or cook for himself for a week or two and then he will appreciate the nights you actually feel like fixing a good meal.
    My thoughts are with you girl. Hang in there and don't let him get you down just because he is being STUPID! I am sure he loves you and is just like a lot of the other men in the world and doesn't like to have his apple cart turned over. Men don't like to have to be put out for anything or anyone. Anyone else out there agree???
    Lots of hugs and good thoughts coming your way.
  7. Fudge43

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    Hello jlh .... just send him up here to the GREAT WHITE NORTH ... we know how to deal with that sort up here ! LOL
    When we are finished, he'll be the most considerate, most grateful man on earth .. but it is a secret what we do to keep our men in line up here .. it works though ! LOL
    Fudge : )
  8. Braingonebad

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    My husband would say yours is a wimp.
    he took off work to help your son remodle? Whay a slacker! Mine would wotrk 12 hrs on midnights, not sleep (NOT come home for lunch!!!) remodle the son's bath then do another 12hr shift, and take his mom to surgery!

    LOL - then he'd come home and make ME breakfast!

    He had 8 days off last year total, and those were holidays, - averaged over 70 hrs a week.

    And you can tell him that we put in our fence - 600 feet of privacy fence, half we had to cut to 4', and built our own 10' x12" wooden shed - little ol' me and hubs who worked all those midnights.

    We'll be remodling our kitcen soon as we can afford the cabinets.

    And as for me? I'm the one who crushed my hand in a machine at work ( it was 1/3 the size of the downstairs of my house!) and finished my shift.

    I also rounded up a loose bull when I was 13 - can he say he did that?
  9. Seeseaisme

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    I hadn't even read the post, only the topic and I wanted you to slap him for me. LOL How's that for what I think about what the men in our lives think.

    I love my DH so much, but sometimes......... By the way, I think my husband and yours are closely related. Just joking, but boy all men do think alike don't they.

    Your reaction is much what mine might have been. Also, wanted you to note, I'm in KY also, Louisville area. Maybe we should get together sometime. Whatcha think?

    Do one nice thing for yourself today.

    Caring thoughts,
  10. JLH

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    So when I get the strength to swing my good old cast iron skillet at him (good idea, butzie!), I won't feel so guilty!

    Rachel, I have given him sooooo many articles to read, and he skims over them so fast that I know he is not reading them. Now when I ask him to read something, he says he's already read enough on it, and just lays the paper down on the table. Therefore, I doubt that I could ever get him to read any posts on this board, but it was a very good idea.

    You would think he would have some sympathy after seeing me work for 30 years, come home crying and going straight to bed because I could bare move because I was in so much pain.

    When I now cry because of the pain, or when I'm just feeling so bad all over that I can't explain why I feel so bad, he says he knows that I am sick and don't worry about what I need to do--it will wait!!

    He's never been sick a day in his life and just doesn't know what truly being a disabled person is. Yet, when I've been in the hospital with my heart problems, he's been really concerned, afraid that I will die.

    jodieplace, I could be a "lorana bobbit", but no use to get the blood all over the sheets and cause me more work on changing the sheets, because it doesn't work anyway!! Now that was mean, wasn't it!!!!!!!!!

    He's an administrator of a county health department -- that's why there are so many nurses in his office. They all tell me that they just love him--that he is great to work for.

    Braingonebad--he used to work the way you described, in his younger days. He's 60 now and is slowing down quite a bit. I can tell that his age is catching up with him, because he can't work the long hours like he used to--he gets really grumpy. And ... about rounding up a loose bull when you were 13--can he say that? Well, yes. He was raised on a farm with a large cattle herd and we own a couple farms and still maintain a large cattle herd--and they get out all the time!!! Even the bull!!

    He doesn't care if I can't get the house cleaned up. The only thing that has ever mattered to him is not having anything fixed for him to eat!!!

    I didn't talk to him this morning before he left for work! I am still so angry that he made fun of me being sick yesterday!!

    I would love it if all of you could jump through this computer screen and whack him one up the side of his head!!!! Then, when he gets up off the floor, let him have it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we traded places, and he had all the problems that I do and I was perfectly well except for getting older, and I treated him like he treats me (no compassion, etc.), he would be throwing a fit all the time!

    GRRRRR, I really hope he has a bad day today!!!!

    You know, he should be thankful that I am such a calm person or he might not be walking today!!!

    Have a good day everybody!

  11. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    need a wake-up slap sometimes! (-:

    Yeah, let him have a good one for me...or just let him do the skillet scene until he comes to his senses...

    Glad you have a good guy! Mine is a doll.

  12. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Silky...thanks so incredibly much for your kind words...sitting over here alone in my house, unable to work, and now my husband says he doesnt' think he'll ever want another child (easy for him to say...he has 3...I've never been a mom)...its awfully easy to wonder what on earth contribution to this world I can possibly make if I'm not a career woman, and not a mother. You made me feel really really good when I needed it! So THANK YOU!!!!


    Whew! I'm so glad to see he seems like a good guy who just so happened to say a stupid thing! LOL

    And I suggest (after the bea-tch slap...he definitely gets one of those! LOL) that the next time he complains about lack of food, you smile at him sweetly, bat your eyes, and tell him that you're ready to make up the menus for the cook he chooses whenever he likes!

    And by the way...those Boston Market and Marie Callendar frozen meals are both EXCELLENT, and this is from a woman who highly dislikes frozen food. Both high in fat and calories...but no biggie once in a while. Nuke him a Boston market meatloaf mashed potato meal (takes 13 minutes...I've got it down pat! LOL) spoon it onto a plate, and heat up some corn or something...He doesn't have to know it came out of a box! Its really saved me from time to time.

    Meanwhile, my hubby has his faults (geez...don't they all?!), but he's usually the one making me the frozen pizza! The meatloaf is a good change of pace! LOL

    Oh also...As for your husband not reading articles...NO kidding! Mine neither, regardless of how I beg. But you know why I made the suggestion to you I did? Lolliboo and I have become good friends off the site, and one day he came up to me as I was looking at a great picture of she and her gorgeous kids. He asked who it was, and I told him her story...very successful, astoundingly intelligent mother of three who's now applied for SSD at 30 due to this wretchedness.....You should have seen the look on my husbands face. Lollie is beautiful and young and so full of life, and somehow just seeing that made a difference for him. Just a thought.

    Hang in there...i swear, he probably won't even remember being a dolt when he gets home! Whenever I'm in a snit over something like that...I'm irritated for days...hubby totally forgot what he did 2 hours later. Man. And they call us the weaker sex?!

    Hang in there, lady!
  13. orachel

    orachel New Member

    And the happy couple? Didn't your son just get married, or am I thinking of someone else? pretty sure its you!
  14. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Rachel, my son got married this past March in Las Vegas. I should have put his wedding pic up--might still do that if I remember how to do it! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend--my husband refuses to travel via air and I was unable to travel by myself (need a wheelchair due to my back). They started out for it to be just a trip for the 2 of them anyway, then their friends heard they were going to Vegas and they ended up with 17 of their friends flying clear across country for the wedding and a couple days vacation!

    Butzie, so your hubby would leave if I came out to stay in your spare bedroom?!!!!! Tell him to get packing, because I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I tell you all, we sure do have some fun here, don't we?!!! I hope you all know I jest when I say I would like to slap him up the side of the head with an iron skillet, don't you?!!!! Even though the thought HAS occurred to me, only using a baseball bat because it would be much easier to swing than an iron skillet!!!!! LOL


    To start out, it was my oldest daughter's birthday yesterday. Her husband and boys were taking her out to eat yesterday evening, so my mother and I said we would take her out to lunch this afternoon to celebrate.

    I got out of bed early (9 am) to I would have time for my back (hip and leg) to ease up enough to walk into the restaurant. We all drive in to a central point to meet and eat at a restaurant there (about 25 min. drive for all of us). We had a nice lunch and stayed and talked over coffee and a piece of chocolate silk pie (sooo yummy!) for 1-1/2 hours.

    My back, hips, and legs were getting pretty stiff and achy sitting there so long, but it was for my darling daughter! Then I drove back to where I live and on in to our little town to run some errands. I had to pick up 3 meds at the drug store, then make a stop at another store. By the time I got the few things that I needed in this store and was at the checkout, I could hardly stand up at the checkout. In fact, I asked the cashier to please hurry. I had only been in the store for 10 min., but the bones in my thighs were hurting so bad, along with my pinched nerve in the back/hip, that I was about to pass out in pain.

    The cashier had charged me $1 more on an item that she should have and she called for a manager to correct the tape or something. I told her I didn't care about the $1 that I just had to get out of there and get to my car to sit down--I told her it was almost an emergency that I was in so much pain. She acted like I was weird or something. The mgr was there by now and I was bent over my cart laying on it, trying to take some pressure off my hips and legs.

    Well, finally, I got out of there. I was parked in the spot directly in front of the door, thank goodness. Now I just had to go to the small grocery store. They have one motor cart and that's all--it's most always in use.

    I got there and did not know what to do. I really could not walk due to the tremendous amount of pain--I'm really not exaggerating the pain either. I figured out what I would do. My husband's cousin's wife works in the office. I was going to call her from my cell phone and ask if the motor cart was available--telling her that I wasn't able to walk in the store to find out that it was gone. If it were gone, I was going to ask her if any of the checkout boys didn't have anything to do -- could one of them just get me 4 or 5 items that I needed and bring them out to my car to me and I would send the money in with them. I figured she would do it.

    Just then, I saw an employee driving the motor cart back in from the parking lot - so I rolled down my window and yelled at him to save it for me! I had a tough time, even with my cane, walking in to the store to get to the cart.
    So I was able to get my milk, bread, buns, hamburger, and bananas (see what a big list!!).

    My backup plan was to call my hubby who works in town and tell him to get the groceries on the way home.

    When I got home, I couldn't carry them in, so I left the trunk lid of my car up so hubby would carry them in when he came home from work--which was just a short time after I got home.

    He carried stuff in, I told him I could hardly walk that my pinched nerve had by back and hips in so much pain, and that my bones in my legs were about to give out--which is new. (I fell and twisted my leg a couple days ago which re-injured or pulled my pinched nerve again.)

    He offered no sympathy for my pain, so I took a Lortab and went to my bed and laid down for 2 hours! When I got up I told him he could put us on some hamburgers because I couldn't stand up. HE DID PUT ON THE HAMBURGERS FOR US!!!!

    As soon as he ate, he went to bed (about 8:00 pm) and I just left the kitchen as is so I could watch Survivor, The Apprentice, and ER. Now, I'm sitting in here at the computer (still in pain), and I getting ready to go to bed myself now!

    OK .... now you've heard, blow by blow, how my day went, and that I will never be out of pain, so I guess I'll keep venting to all of you, since I never get any sympathy at home!!!

    I do go to my doc next week ... I'll tell him again about all the pain, but probably won't do much good there either!

    Good night all!
    Janet - 2:00 am
  15. buddylee

    buddylee New Member

    I'm a man, I get crap from them all wife, kids , so called friends.

    I've been told I should be fired as a house`wife (wife)
    kids dont want to help cuz they dont see me doing much.
    and the best(so-called friends) SSI it's one step from welfar.
    or you are just getting older.
  16. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    First off, why can't your husband fix a few sandwiches for dinner if he knows you are hurting? Actually, my husband does the cooking, but we do get take out if he has been working in the yard all day and doesn't feel like it.

    If I had a tall stool, I would try to do some cooking, but I'm pretty bad at it and we don't always have ground beef in the freezer, which would make it easier on me to make something like Hamburger Helper, etc.

    Well my only question is when he was fixing that food, was it just for himself or for the both of you? If for the both of you, why doesn't he do this more often.

    Cooking and stuff like that isn't just for women to do. I've never been a good cook. Certain things I cook, my husband won't eat anyway.

  17. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Donnaeil: I know I really could use a power chair or something like that at home and to take when I go places; however, my insurance won't pay for it. I am on Medicare with Anthem BC/BS as my secondary.

    I have already checked. Medicare has paid for a wheelchair for me, so they will not purchase a power chair. My secondary will not pay for anything that Medicare won't buy.

    When I broke my foot and was in the wheelchair for months, I found out that it would not go in all rooms of my house. This made it pretty unhandy for me. We rearranged furniture and everything, but certain doorways, it would not go through. I have one of those wide wheelchairs.

    Right now, my hubby is pretty negative on me getting a power chair. He says I need the exercise to get up and walk as much as I can.

    I also know that I still could not go out alone and do shopping, etc. with one because I would not be able to lift it into my car, etc.

    I have thought of getting one of those rollators that has a seat on them. They are kind of like a walker on rollers that has a basket in front and a full seat to sit on when you get tired. They are pretty light weight and collaspe to fit into a car. My insurance would not pay, but they are cheaper than a wheelchair or power chair -- I think I could buy one for $300-$350.

    Faye, the only issue that ever gets my hubby upset is food!! He was raised by a stay-at-home country mom who waited hand and foot on her hubby and 4 kids. She fixed them and carry to them every bite that went into their mouths! She even ironed their jeans and underwear!! She spoiled and ruined the 3 boys for any wife!

    Of course, when we got married, I told him things had to change!! I was a "working wife" who did not iron and wait on him! He has accepted most all of these changes, except for the food thing. He was an angel about it the entire time that I worked (30 years!).

    When I retired, he thought I was to turn into his mother. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He thought I was going to get up and fix him big breakfasts before he went to work and all that. WRONG!!!!!!!!! I keep telling him that I retired because if I didn't, I was going to die. That simply. I was at the point of having a heart attack, and had to quit. Now my fibro, lupus, arthritis, back, etc. are all active full blast and I just FEEL LIKE I am ready to die!!

    He could fix himself a sandwich, but just gets mad when he has to. He still says he can't understand why I can't fix us SOMETHING TO EAT in the evenings. I try to most evenings, but if I've been out that day, I just can't.

    When he fixed his food that evening, he did fix for me, too. I can't believe it!


    I still feel bad today. He was off work due to the holiday. He was asleep in the chair at 5:00, so I came in and got on the computer. It's 7:40 pm and I'm still here! (I get hooked!) We he woke up, he just got out of the chair and went straight to bed!!! I know he's mad because he didn't see any supper cooked on the stove! I yelled and asked him if he wanted me to fix him a hamburger. He didn't answer!! Oh, well!

    I did have intentions to fix him a hamburger, but I guess I just didn't have it fixed when he woke up!!!! Now, he'll be angry in the morning and give me this lecture about how I am starving him to death!!!! I can predict his every move, and his every lecture!!!

    Well, I am actually getting hungry, so I think I'll take a break from the computer and go fix me something to eat now that he's in bed!!! Then come back later, since there is nothing on TV on Friday nights!!

    Boy are you lucky that your hubby does most of your cooking! I told mine that when he retires, that he could cook for both of us, but he didn't like that idea!!!

    Judy, now if I was at your house, maybe we could talk your hubby into fixing us something!!

    Hugs to you all,
  18. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    It is so few things that really make me laugh out loud, but your posts about your life with your husband do, because I think so much of it is like my life only reversed in a way.

    My husband even makes the salads. When he was sick with a cold I had to make my own salad and I just went into the bag and pulled out handfuls of lettuce and dumped a few grape tomatoes in there. I was too lazy to cut up the English cucumbers. lol I think I'm spoiled now. :)

    I know that one night we got pizza delivery, but I like a salad every night before my meal to help fill me up. :) So about 3 nights I fixed my own.

    I see my one son, Matt, who lives here and is 25, a bit lazy, but he will get left-overs out of the refrigerator and he will soak the bowls in the sink, but that is as far as it goes. I didn't raise him to be lazy, he has just turned out that way. Both of my boys will cook to a certain degree. I think John perhaps more than Matt, but John has been on his own more than Matt.

    Yes, I am lucky that my husband does more than his share of the cooking and dishes and errands. I do the laundry, make the bed up, put the clothes away and towels, deal with other little stuff. I have two computers to deal with my Mac and his Windows.

    Keep in mind I'll be 56 soon, but he is only 52. He really does love shopping though. I used to do what he does now, except he always cooked the meat part of the meal.

    Big hugs,
  19. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I would have thrown the nearest solid object STRAIGHT at his ignorant head.
    It's people like that, that I wish could live a day in our shoes!!!
  20. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Hey...I know you've heard this before...but I'm a true converted believer after 3 tiny pills! You HAVE GOT TO BUY TRAUMEEL S!!!! I was using a CANE yesterday!!! I took first traumeel at 5 pm, 2nd at bedtime, 3rd when I woke this morning. I'm walking!!! Not just hobbling...walking!!!! And I have energy! Whahoo! I vaccuumed my whole house and scrubbed two rugs on my hands and knees! Try this stuff...promise me. Its $15...then when it works for you, hubby can buy it for all of his nurses when they complain about their aches and pains! Seriously, give it a whirl and see if you don't feel SOOO much less pain and more energy!
    Amazing. I'm just blown away.

    hang in there.