Want some advice...candida?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AquariusGirl, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. AquariusGirl

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    I think I have this--majorly. I tested high in it at the FFC blood work results. They want me to do diflucan but I'm so nervous that it will make me more fatigued. I'm taking the Jarrow probiotics and that is fine. Sometimes trying to get well can be so frustrating!!!!

    Please let me know what you would do if u were me.

  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Since you directly asked what I would do, I'd go the natural route and not take any rx's for candida. I've learned a bitter lesson after taking Nystatin (another common rx antifungal) and having a highly resistant form of yeast form.

    I had been taking natural antifungals and they were working, but I was so broke, so I opted for the rx since they are covered for me. I wish I'd made myself afford it. I've paid a much higher price than any dollar value since. I already had resistant yeast from long term antibiotics, but it was responding to the natural af's.

    Here are some natual ones:

    coconut oil

    caprylic acid (coconut derivative)
    grapefruit seed extract
    pau d'arco
    {I've used a combo product of these three that was good}

    coconut oil has been the best for me, w/ caprylic acid being my long time favourite before I'd tried the oil. There are lots of combo products, but they have too many ingredients for me, I'm pretty sensitive and always burp up anything w/ garlic in it. Though I'm fine w/ eating garlic and love the stuff. Garlic is a kick butt antifungal all on its own. I've chopped a bit of raw and swallowed it w/ water, but it ws too strong. It works just as well diluted and even cooked in food and I can tolerate it up to an amount this way.

    There are many other antifungals, but those are the best I know of.

    If you have severe candida, then you want to start very light w/ anything. I could only take a quarter tsp of coconut oil and took mths to work my way up to a tsp. Most people start at a tbsp., I think i would have passed out at that dose.

  3. jgarcia1963

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    Hi Kelli,

    My 16 year old daughter has CFS, and my mom had CFS back in the 1980's (when no one knew very much about it). Since my mom's doctors kept telling her it was all in her head, or prescribed antidepressants, we took matters into our own hands. There are many good books about Candida, I think the best one we found was "The Yeast Connection" but I might be wrong about the title. Go to a health food store, and ask for some recommendations. You can either buy the books, or try to find them at the library or on-line.
    My mom also changed her diet, according to the advice in the books. She COMPLETELY eliminated all forms of sugar, (including fruit), white flour, white rice, anything processed, anything with additives or preservatives, anything with yeast, alcohol, caffeine, mushrooms and milk (because the lactose in milk is a form of sugar). She was eating protein, vegetables, whole grains, yogurt and not much else. The foods she eliminated were things that fed the Candida. She also added large doses of Acidophilus, in liquid form, but I think the capsules are good, too.
    This was the only thing that helped her, and I have been fortunate enough to find a really good M.D. for my daughter who also believes in non-traditional medicine. My daughter is following the same diet my mom did, and she is also taking nutritional supplements on the advice of her doctor.
    He suggested a powdered multi-vitamin and a powdered whey
    protein, since she was having trouble assimilating the nutrients (because of the Candida). She has a vitamin B-12 deficiency, too, because of that.
    If I were you, I'd ask your doctor if you could try the anti-yeast diet for a month before you go on diflucan. It can't hurt anything, and it will probably make you feel better.

    Take care, and good luck!

    P.S. Also, I forgot to mention that my mom also drank a lot of purified water. Be sure you are buying bottled water, or use a water filter at home that removes the chlorine!
  4. Do you think when you have a yeast problem you CRAVE yeast foods? I do and can't seem to get enough but I have a bad one. My dr. doesn't believe in anything but the diflucan but that doesn't seem to get rid of it.
  5. carebelle

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    years ago I had a yeast problem and was given meds that made it really bad till they figured out that I was allergic to the med's
    So be careful if it doesnt get better.The med looked like a little egg but I cant recall the name
  6. jgarcia1963

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    Usually people with Candida crave sugar, but you can crave ANYTHING that the yeast feeds on, including yeast/bread, alcohol, caffeine, mushrooms, cantaloupe (because it's a
    moldy fruit), simple carbs, anything with preservatives or additives, dairy products (except unsweetened yogurt),
    fruit, and honey and other sweeteners.
    I forgot that my sister was also diagnosed with a "systemic yeast infection" (Candida) and did NOT want to use diflucan or any sulfa drugs, I think because she had had an allergic reaction before. She ate lots of unsweetened yogurt and chicken, fish, vegetables and brown rice, nothing else, for about 6 weeks. She drank 10 glasses of purified water (no chlorine) every day, and took acidophilus/probiotics. It cleared up (and she lost weight!).
    If you're having severe cravings, try taking probiotics
    (available in refrigerated section of health food store)
    for a week or two before starting the anti-yeast diet, that should help. If it doesn't, try to "hang in there" for 3 days, after that, the cravings will diminish and go away.

    Good luck!
  7. sascha

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    get and stay off sugar. use stevia sweetener instead. avoid high-glycemic foods (refined flours, starchy vegs, potatoes, sweet fruits like bananas..) refined carbos act in the system like sugars. go to high protein diet with healthy fats, lots of vegs.

    coconut oil has demonstrated anti-fungal properties. i am doing really well on @1TBsp, 3X/day- i cook with it, put it in blender drinks, warm it a bit and take it by spoon. but it's important to keep the carbs low i think while taking saturated healthy fats like coc.oil. i know there is disagreement about coc.oil being healthy. i've been on it a month and my CFIDS symptoms, and aches, and pains, and foggy mind, mycrashing after even moderate exertion, and incapactitating fatigue HAVE LIFTED. plus my candida symptoms are not bothering me. but stay off the sugar. be sure to take omega 3s, though, along with coc.oil (cod liver oil, flax seed, salmon..)

    i agree, i don't want prescription treatment for candida. it seems that there are natural alternatives.

    get extra-virgin coc.oil- not refined. best, sascha
  8. sascha

    sascha Member

    YES! and take plenty of pro-biotics!!! i buy a multi-probiotic in refrigerated section of health food store. sascha
  9. can probiotics get rid of the yeast on their own?

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