Want to be on Candid Camera when you're shaving your legs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Well, NOT ME!!!!!!!!!

    I was thinking about that when I was TRYING to shave my legs before I got in the shower this afternoon! LOL

    I woke up at noon today, but didn't get out of bed until 1:00 pm. It took me 3 hours of sitting in my recliner with my feet propped up with my new massaging heating pad on my lower back for me to get my back and hip pain level down to a point that I could even attempt to stand up long enough to shave my legs and then shower!

    In order to try to limber up, I did keep getting up to refill my coffee cup, get a bite of breakfast, take my meds, and get the cordless phone to keep next to my chair (my soaps were on during this time and I didn't want to have to get up unnecessarily)!

    It’s 4:00 pm now, the soaps are off, and my hubby should be home from work at 4:30, so I thought I had better get in the shower that minute—before he comes home and thinks that I haven’t done ANYTHING all day!!

    I will admit that I don’t shave my legs as often as I should. I have a really fair complexion and the hair on my legs is really so light-colored that you just can’t hardly see it, and it just does not grow fast on my legs—maybe it has something to do with it falling out of my scalp!! The hair on my head is getting thinner, too! OK—maybe I’m giving too much info now!! LOL

    I got to thinking while I was watching my soaps (yes, people who watch soaps CAN THINK!! LOL) that if I had a heart attack and had to go to the hospital under emergency conditions, I would be so embarrassed for them to see my legs when they would go to put the sticky leads to the EKG on me! So I knew I must shave my legs TODAY!

    I have been feeling so poorly lately that I have had plenty of “down time” to think. I have had such bad rib pain in my back that sometimes shoots up through my breast and around my heart area. My chest area hurts on the side and through the back. The deep bone pain in my hips and legs is awful. The pinched nerve in my back is a different type of pain and it runs down my right leg, too. I am too weak and fatigued to stand up more than a few minutes.

    I have had to put my dishes in the dishwasher by sitting in a kitchen chair in front of my sink. I’m short, so that means that my arms are “up” for too long, not to mention all of the water that keeps running down the under side of my arms and right into my arm pits! So, now my arms and shoulders are hurting pretty bad, too.

    And my hubby has a belly ache tonight, so he wants me to carry in some fire wood for the wood stove!! Oh, but that’s another tale!

    Oh, I got distracted on whining about how badly that I felt! Sorry.

    So now I get my clothes and head for the bathroom. I lather up my legs, and then have to sit down on the towel-covered toilet to rest. Up again and try to start shaving one leg. I couldn’t bend over far enough to get to the ankle!! The pain in my back just wouldn’t let me stretch any more! (It WAS the pain, and not my big belly!)

    I have my foot propped up on the edge of the bathtub and hold on to different things trying to not fall down while trying to be able to bend at different angles to get my entire leg shaved. I then thought, OMG, if there were a camera in this bathroom, I would just die!!!

    I managed to about half-do one leg before I had to sit down and rest again. The other leg was just as bad, if not worse. By the time I had both legs and arms done; my hubby had been home for awhile and had already “hollered” through the bathroom door asking me how long I was going to be!! He was shocked when I told him that I had not yet got into the shower!!

    About an hour later, I finally emerged from the bathroom. I am so glad that I have a shower stool. I could never stand up long enough for a shower! I even finish up my shower sitting on the toilet—putting the gel in my hair and styling it, putting on my face cream, etc.

    But I am just so thankful that I wasn’t being “punked” or on a “candid camera” while I was twisting, bending, and turning trying to shave my legs. This experience about brought me to tears. No wonder I don’t shave my legs often!! LOL

    But more importantly, I guess I should not worry about having hairy legs if I were actually having a heart attack!!

    Anyone else have problems shaving their legs?

    Hugs to all,
  2. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Just a thought, but how about just getting a razor and shaving your legs when dry? That way you could sit in a comfortable for most of the shaving and you wouldn't have to worry about falling in the shower. I used to shave my legs wet, but found it too hard to do.

    Sorry you are having so much pain. I assume you haven't found a doctor to prescribe stronger pain meds?

  3. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Janet ... my god you made me laugh ! .. I'm not laughing at your pain .. or the firewood mission ? from that DH of yours .. good grief !
    But you gave such a great dialog on the shaving mission .. your day in general .. it was HOOT !
    I'm like you too when it comes to .. "I could be having a heart attack !" but the worst of it is .. I might have Saskwatch legs when they try to hook up the electrodes to moniter my heart !! .. it is a WOMAN thing .. we do have some pride after all eh ? hahaha
    I understand your thinking !!!! haha
    Good Luck with the shaving/shower missions !
    Fudge : )
  4. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I just got a bath this morning and I always shave my legs with the Schick Quattro for men's shaver. Had to do under my arms too. I wish the hair on my legs (which is coarse) would instead grow on my head. lol the stubble drives me crazy. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd take a bath and shave everyday.

    Anyway, I don't take a bath everyday because it is such a chore for me. My husband leaves hairs in the tub and on the tub ledge, so I have to clean all that up and rinse out the tub before I get in. Then after I get out, have to do the rinsing and wiping with paper towels all over again.

    Today after hubby gets home, I'll wash my hair by leaning over the tub. At least it is clean now and I won't have to rinse it out a second time until after I have finished my hair.

    I have always hated showers. It is just too awkward to shave and years ago I used to take a bath every single day and shave every single day. Now I do touch ups with a wet/dry Panasonic electric shaver for men. I find the men's shavers work better for me than the women's. I have two so then when the battery runs out, I have a fresh electric shaver.

    The electric shavers do not get the stubble as well as the other razors do.
    My hair must grow fast as I can shave with the electric in the morning and have stubble by night time.

    Interesting thread, Janet. Something I've wanted on the board for some time now, but just never started a thread on this.

    I pretty well pop up out of bed in the morning. I'm not stiff and the major part that hurts lately is my right shoulder. But after I have been up for a bit, that goes away.

    First thing I did today was turn FOX News on and then put my hair up in a pony tail as it is dirty and looks gross. Then I wash my face and brush my teeth. Then come in here to take morning meds. Then back to run a bath and while water is running I make the bed up.

    Then into the bath and once out I go down to check my sugar and take a shot of insulin. Then back upstairs to watch the tape of my soap, As the World Turns. Then I'm in here and usually that is about 1:30 PM.

    BTW, I use the wash cloth to brace myself on to turn over on my knees, then I use the wash cloth to put on the back ledge of the tub to pull up on.
    I try to be very careful.

    This is how my mornings go most all the time. lol

    Big hugs,
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  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    willow_whisp: I also have a terrible time drying my hair. I'm lucky (not really!) that my hair is very short because it is so fine and thin that I have to keep it short. So it dries really fast. I have even a bigger problem trying to use a curling iron and combing my hair out! I put a lot of styling mousse on it to give it some body, then I can only last for 3 curls on the top. That's it! Then, it's comb, spray, and go -- and my arms hurt for the rest of the day!

    If a camera would be in my bathroom, I would just die -- I couldn't make millions off a "secret" videotape like Paris did! Along with all my back pain, stiffness, etc., is my big belly--I have to admit that it definitely gets in the way and makes it harder to shave! But, a can of WD-40 to my joints would help a lot!! LOL

    Ellen: I tried shaving my legs when they were dry before, but my skin is soooo dry, that it just irritated them way too much. As far as the pain meds - I can't take anything much stronger because they keep me asleep all day and I can't function! And .. I take so much medicine, he hates to try me on anything new!

    Fudge, ggiggi, and hanginginthere: Yeah, it's a woman thing. My mother always told me to make sure I always had on clean underwear and socks without holes in them--just in case you get in an accident and end up in the hospital. Now, since I retired and don't pay as close attention to things such as shaving my legs, I have to worry about that, too! When I let it go a little too long, I start worrying about the heart attack! I have a lot of heart problems and have had to go to the ER before when I had not washed my hair that day, and I felt like I looked a homeless person! (Please, I meant no ill will about homeless persons.)

    When I have to go to the ER suddenly, I never have any makeup on or anything any more! When I worked, I would have had my makeup on from early morning and at least my hair done, too! Now my retirement mode around the house is a slob, I guess!!

    I might try the idea of an electric shaver. It definitely wold be much safer for me! I think it will go on my gift list for Christmas!

    And ... I always wear long pants when I go out, and mainly stay in my long lounging robe during what parts of the daylight that I am awake while in the house! So, nobody ever sees me anyway!

    Well, it's 1:00 am now and I have to get to bed--have to get up at 7:00 am, which will really shock my system!! If I don't go now, I know I'll never get up! Faye, I'll talk with you tomorrow!!

    Many hugs,

  6. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    OT for a minute, I have been going to bed at 10 PM most every night now and tonight woke up at 3:30 AM and couldn't get back to sleep. I struggle every night with trying to stay up to watch TV shows.

    Tonight I had to tape Invasion and have Surface on tape to watch too.

    I just get so tired after dinner and when I lay on the sofa, I'm usually a goner.
    I did manage to stay awake for all of Lost tonight, though. lol

  7. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Faye, I had to laugh when you said that you don't always bathe every day since it's too much trouble .... especially the part about all of your husband's hair coming out, etc.!

    Ditto my husband! He is 60 and has a ton of hair! He has this thick head of hair and I have practically none--just not fair!!! LOL He loses a bathtub full of hair each morning! Of course, he doesn't clean the shower and tub out himself, heaven forbid! So I have to re-wet the shower walls and edges of tub to get all of his hair off and keep cleaning out the "drain strainer" and rinsing the tub until I get all of his hair out. However, I never towel dry the walls and tub afterwards. Hurts my arms too much. I did buy one of those Mr. Clean Magic Wand bathtub cleaners and use it fairly often! It all still looks good and I've grown not to worry about the water spots anymore!

    While working, I got up at 4:30 am so I could sit and "rest" and drink coffee until 5:00 when I would go get in the shower. So, I always did the same on Saturday and Sundays, too. But after retiring, I just take a shower every other day now, unless I am going outside the house for something. However, I do wash my hair in the sink on the day that I don't get in the shower--I don't have much hair and I just have to keep it clean--can't stand the feeling not washing it every day, and I also have scalp psorosis (just developed this last year) so I need to get it down by washing, too.

    I'm going to ask for an electric shaver for Christmas, and if I don't get one, I'll get myself one after Christmas!

    Aren't tape machines nice for those shows we miss! I got a TiVo this year, and just love it!! My eldest daughter took me grocery shopping at WalMart today and I recorded all of my soaps this afternoon so I wouldn't miss them! Now, I just have to find the time to watch all that I have recorded!!

    Marsha: I can't take a tub bath either, because I can't get out of the tub! If the "candid camera" got your "booty" shot along with me trying to shave my legs (I stand on a towel outside the tub and put one leg at a time on the tub, and hold on to the sink--and not get inside the tub), our pics would end up on TV--maybe that would be one way to get the word out on fibro!!! Funny positions that fibro suffers have to get in to shave their legs! Oh, NOT a good picture for me!!!

    Wendy: hope you are doing betters after being in the ER last week. I hope you went in with smooth legs and arms and clean undies!!! LOL You are right on you never know who you will see in the ER! When my daughter had her medical rotation in the ER, she said they could really tell some wild stories!!
  8. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    this post is just what the doctor ordered

    Ive been up most the night and i laughed sooooo hard i almost wet myself.LOLOLOLOLOL
  9. chickabee

    chickabee New Member

    This post about shaving legs is hilarious...i've laughed so hard I'm just like onnaroll, just about wet myself, still have tears running down my face. Funny thing is, I do visuals when somebody says something...so this has definitely made my day...Thanks for the laughs and also i am thankful there is no camera in my bathroom either...LOL
  10. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    I carried two sets of twins to (almost) term. In the beginning of my first pregnancy the hair on my legs stopped growing!!

    I used to joke that it was God's little favor to me. I wasn't going to see my legs for months, so He let them remain hairless for me. :)

    When the hair finally started to grow back, it only grew in around my ankles! Very very strange. If I didn't shave my legs, it would look like I was wearing fuzzy black anklets!

    Now that I'm post-menopausal the hair on my legs is pretty sparse, still only around my ankles, but so little of it, I could probably tweeze it off if I was so inclined. LOL I keep a ladies' razor hanging in my shower (I also need a shower chair) and shave my ankles once a month or so now...

    Fun thread.

  11. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    How come you have hardly any hair on your legs and I'm post menopausal and I still have hair? Shaved today with an electric shaver. I wish I didn't have any hair on my legs.

  12. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I just had to respond to this!

    I was just thinking about it the other night. I have very coarse hair...so can't stand to go a day without shaving (if I can stand)!! I usually hurt too bad to sit in tub.

    The other night I could barely stand up...and was in the shower. I caught myself putting my head against wall of shower, shoulder on other wall to be able to shave one leg! I thought MY, MY this is awful...SO GLAD I CAN'T BE SEEN!!

    It is one of my phobias...hairy legs!
  13. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    That was a funny story.You poor thing.Let that hair grow.Heart attack or no heart attack that hair on your legs helps to keep you warm.LOL!Be all natural.But if you can reach those armpits I would suggest a good shave every once in awhile.If you were in the hospital they would see those hairy armpits first and first impression are lasting impressions.LOL!Be thankful you have very light hair.I have dark hair and I am slowly turning into a hairy woman.When I get sick and can't do the usual maintence on myself,I start to look like my husband when he hasn't shaved.Hairy face is something you can't hide and when you are talking to a nurse or dr. and they are starring at you r hairy mustache,it is realy embarassing.I could just let it all grow and make money as a side show act,the hairy lady.LOL!I have a suggestion,get dh to shave your legs,light a few candles,play some romantic music and when he is done blow out the candle turn off the music and give hima kiss goodnight.Just think about those smooth legs between the sheets.I love that fresh shaved feeeling.Or you can call the "pool boy" to come and help you.
    You take care when shaving.If the hair gets too long just braid it.Now that would be pretty.
  14. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    Not exactly sure why the hair on my legs has become sparser... one theory is that the hair follicles have migrated to my face, but it's just a theory! LOL

    Reading thru this thread brought to mind one of my aunties. She never, ever shaved her legs. Ever!! We're talking back in the 50's and 60's when housewives still wore dresses a lot. Auntie "M" always wore a dress or skirt and nylons. She had the thickest leg hair I've ever seen on woman or man!! That was a sight, let me tell ya! All the hairs mashed down, some of them poking thru her hose. Yessirreee bob! That was a look. ::grin:: But she was the sweetest lady in the world, despite her teddy-bear legs.

  15. JLH

    JLH New Member


    If I SAT on the shower floor to shave my legs, my husband would have to put the forklift on the old John Deere (tractor) to lift me off the floor!!!!

    I think that would make him mad that he would have to put that attachment on the John Deere and he wouldn't be too happy with me!! LOL

    Any more shaving legs stories???????


    P.S. I have an appointment with the doc tomorrow -- I'm so glad that she is a lung specialist, so she won't be looking at my legs, thank goodness -- so, I'm NOT shaving my legs again!!!

    She will take a "peep" at my ankles to see how swollen, but she won't see much there!!!! LOL
  16. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Ask for a REMINGTON "Smooth & Silky Plus" shaver for Christmas. It's rechargeable, AND.... it can be used WET OR DRY! You can even use shaving cream with this thing (IF you want to, but I never do)!

    I got one last year for Christmas and I'm going to sound like a commercial, but I don't care. In your situation, you (and any other ladies out there) need to know about this thing! I LOVE IT!

    I had used several different brands/types of electric/rechargeable shavers before, and I was never happy with any of them because my legs would never be as smooth as they were with the ole' razor & shaving cream, so I didn't stick with any of them and gave up ever finding one that would REALLY work well.

    Then my fiance's mom bought me one for Christmas last year, and I was properly thankful, but I thought, "It won't work as well as a regular razor.... these things never do." But I knew that it was at least worth a shot. I tried it, and I haven't used a "regular" razor since!

    (See, I told you I would sound just like a commercial! lol)

    But honestly..... I also have VERY fair skin, but unlike you (you lucky thing!), my hair is VERY dark and very coarse, grows FAST, and rather thick, so if I go 2 days without shaving, it's EASILY noticed! From across the room, even! lol

    And because it's so coarse, stubble is easily felt in about 8 hours or so on my legs. It's terrible! Which was why I was always SO picky about my legs being absolutely SMOOTH when I was finished shaving, and only a razor could make my legs that smooth.

    I use the Remington totally dry; there is no "prep work", like getting the legs wet, applying shaving cream, etc. I just take it out of the charger, sit down, turn it on, and buzz away the hair! And I swear; it works as well as a razor! Better, actually, because it's SO MUCH faster and easier!

    I have FM and CFS, so I have the back, neck, and shoulder pain and stiffness, as well as BAD headaches. Then the CFS brings with that SEVERE fatigue. So even if I'm not in too much pain, I still don't have the energy to shave as often as I should, and when I want to or have to, I certainly don't want to spend any more time or energy on it than I absolutely have to!

    OK, I know I probably made this post 10 times longer than it needed to be, and it ended up sounding more like an INFOMERCIAL! lol

    Sorry about that!

    But I just wanted you to know: THIS is the one you want to ask for for Christmas! Take care!

  17. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I have had a sore throat since Friday, so I finally made an appointment to see my family doc at 1:15 PM. Then I look outside and it is snowing...

    Now it has stopped but they call for a winter mix--great. :(

    My cleaning girl canceled and will come on Saturday. Supposed to snow again on Friday. :( I am 20 miles south of Richmond.

    Anyway, I used my new wet/dry electric shaver and I did my legs! But I'll have sweat pants on anyway. I can't stand the feeling of stubble with long pants on. Too tired to take a bath today. Doc will just have to live with it. lol

  18. JLH

    JLH New Member

    What a great infomercial, Starr!! LOL You have sold me on the Remington Smooth & Silky Plus -- that's the one I will put on my Christmas "wish" list for my hubby!

    I did not shave my legs before I went to my lung doc today because she never has looked at my legs--maybe glanced at my feet and ankles.

    But, of course, today she said "how's the swelling in your feet and legs" and raises my pant leg to squeeze my leg! At least, I am fortunate that my hair had barely grown any on my leg and it's so light that you could not see anything!

    Faye, how did your doctor's appointment turn out? I hope your sore throat isn't a symptom to something serious. Hope you're doing better today!


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