want to compare experiences?

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    I am looking for people who want to compare experiences with depression.
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    I cry a lot. I get moody, and have mood swings. This past summer I lost my job. there was a point were I didn't care what happpened. It caused my a have a flare, so I was in a LOT of pain and crying at the drop of the hat over the trangist thinks. I couldn'd pay for my meds and had to go off them cold turkey, I DON'T SUGGEST DOING THIS!!!!! My dc suggested increasing my vitamins. That seemed to have helped.
    Oh, I take muti vit., 400 E, B-12, B-6, Iron, & Potassium, for some reason I stay anemic and have low potassium and sodium. I don't know if its a FM think or not.
    Hope this helps you out.
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    You might want to post this on the depression board for more responses. If you look above to the bar - see "message boards".

    It will take you to the depression board.
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