Want to Contribute Info to a Book Now Being Written?

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    Author Seeks Interview Subjects .....

    The author of the critically acclaimed book, "JUST FINE: Unmasking Concealed Chronic Illness and Pain", is now recruiting participants for a new resource that will focus specifically on the challenges of living with depression or anxiety disorders.

    If you are a mental health professional and work with the population that lives with clinical depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, SAD or other mood disorders, or if you yourself live with a mood disorder and would like to be profiled in this new book and share your story, special challenges and coping tools, please contact the authors Miriam: zevsmom@cox.net or Carol: writefaceforward@yahoo.com.

    To familiarize yourself with the format of the new publication, see the previous book: JUST FINE: Unmasking Concealed Chronic Illness and Pain or visit: writefaceforward@yahoo.com


    ref: NFA Newsletter

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    I don't know the answers to your questions.

    I would suggest emailing the authors (Miriam's email address is: zevsmom@cox.net or Carol at writefaceforward@yahoo.com) they you can get the answer straight from the horse's mouth!

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