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    hi everyone i am hopeing you guys can give me some insight on getting a dog.I have been reserching some dogs on line .and trying to figure what one would be good for me .
    I wanted something small as to i live in a townhouse and have a small yard.i also go to visit my daughter in SC and wanted to take it on the trip with me.

    I do have a 2yr old declawed cat but she sleeps a lot so she really is not much company.I am on ssdi so iam home most of the time.If i do work at all it is only 1 day or 2 a week.So iam hoping you can help me out on what kind of dog to get .Linda
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    I have two cats and adopted my pup two years ago (now he's four). I still adore my kitties, but they are very different. When I decided to get a dog, I also really wanted to get a shelter dog, there are sooo many available. I just went to different sites in my area, which I found through my local.com, and was able to view tons of dogs that I never would have seen just by going to the shelters in person. Most of these sites show pictures of adoptable animals and then give a nice character write-up like...good with cats...very playful...loves children...etc They also describe the breed or breeds if its a mixed dog. Once I decided on the pup I loved, the shelter came out to my house to Ok the size for the dog and see how my daughter and the cats would be with him. After that, they brought him to me...my Corgi/Shepard mix. He's very unique looking and they were 100% correct about his disposition. It took me six months to find my doggie match but he is absolutely perfect. The use of the internet really helped me out and the money I paid for Bubba was hardly anything and a good portion of it went back to the shelter.

    My advice to you is to take your time picking out your perfect pup and if you decide on a certain breed I guarantee there are full breeds out in shelters. Don't spend hundreds to thousands of dollars. And heed what the shelter/foster people tell you. My brother wanted an Alaskan Huskey and he found on in the shelter, but the dog is a spaz and they warned him about that but he took him home anyway.

    Good luck and have fun1

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    You don't give yourself much time to find a dog. You can check out the Pennysaver or newspaper ads. We tried to get a dog two years ago at the local animal shelter. My kids fell in love with one. When the shelter found out we had cats on our farm that were not fixed they got nasty with us and wouldn't let us have the dog.

    we got a dog from a friend in church. Two years to the day we got that dog...(October 24, 2007) he got hit by a car. Now we are in search of another dog to love. My kids were devisteded when our dog died. He was outside for a potty break.

    We have to search papers or go by word-of-mouth to find one. I have another serious prospect. A 1 year old lab/mix, female.
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    I agree check out the shelters and friends. My friend's mom had a black poodle with a white stipe on it's chest,I really didn't want another dog but ended up taking him and that was 4 years ago,he was 3months old when I got him and I would be lost without him now. He is spoiled and is easy to teach tricks too. He lays on my lap or is always right by my side. He travels well and loves to go in the big truck when I went with my hubby. He is also a good watch dog. We always had what I called Heinz 57,all mixed breeds but they were good dogs too. I hadn't had a dog in 10 years since we moved to Ky until Oreo came along. Wouldn't trade him for a million dollars now. Good luck and just take your time and be sure. Our daughter has a cat but she doesn't live with us now but that is one spoiled cat too. Snickers is about 7 years old and Nikki has had her since she was a kitten. She lives in an apartment. Take care and hope you find a match. Biddy
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    please consider going to pound/shelter and adopting a dog. in my fmmily we have adopted 3 dogs (at diferent times)from the shelter and they all are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! and the feeling of saving a dogs life is---- wonderful!!! it makes me feel like my life has more meaning (with the cfs i cant work or do too much).

    you can look at photos on internet of dogs at shelters.

    also if you are totally set on a certain kind of dog-- look up that breed on internet for rescue. example - "sheltie rescue". etc. but remember that "mutts" can be super super dogs. my last dog was a mutt and he was my angel.

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    I have a therapy dog, he is a 9lb shih-poo(shih tzu and toy poodle) he has been the best thing to ever happen to me since my illness! He is 2 and so smart,he is the best companion and so well behaved and no shedding! You can see his picture in my profile,it downloaded large,I have no idea why though.
    Oh,I trained him to use a litterbox since I cannot get outside.
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    thank you all so much this has given me a lot to think about .Iam on a mission now toofind the perfect little friend .Linda
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