Want to see my mountian lion paw prints

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. ckball

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    There is a mt lion loose in my area, I was taking pictures across the street from my house and found these large paw prints in the mud and have some good pics. But when back today and made a video cause the rain was going to wash them way and I wanted animal control to see them.

    THey have told me there is a trap set as there have been several other sightings and 13 dogs missing or killed. My girls are not allowed out to the yard. It is a little scary and hope they catch it soon- Just wanted to share and see what you thought-Carla
  2. hugs4evry1

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    Get your butt back in the house and stay there!!!!! That's so frightening to watch.


  3. therealmadscientist

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    That's probably just a small one! The Moma's prints are probably three times the size!

    (Just trying be reassuring. lol)

    Shssshhh, I kept waiting for this video to end in this horrible scream.


    Oh, the local hardware store probably has plaster of Paris to make a cast. Plaster casts can be fun to hang on wall. Let's see, your foot print side by side with the mountain lions?
    Souvener item at local store?

    Thanks, cheers, your mr Bill
  4. rockgor

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    By the way, where are the casts from your encounter w/ zee beeg puma? Should be cat tracks and bicycle tracks.

  5. poets

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    They're quite impressive. Please be careful and watch out for the little doggies too! I'd love to see a picture of it!

  6. kbak

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    Don't get me started on mountain lions! Those idiots at fish and game letting them overpopulate. They are running all over our small town eating everyone's pets. I lost a cat, my favorite cat to a lion.

    Fish and Game's stance here is , if the lions don't kill anyone their not considered a threat. There is a female who is one of the big problem's. She has 2-3 kitts every yr. A lion needs 10 sq. miles per lion to have enough to eat. She is one of 5 lions in our local area.

    So, we have 5 known lions, we know at least one 1 is a female who is having 2-3 kitts a yr., gee, how many cats do we have in a 10 sq. mi area? Of course this isn't a problem in the making.

    Take care,
  7. ckball

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    Oh Kbak I am so sorry you lost your kitty to a BIG kitty. I see you live in Montana so would expect to see them there. But in NE KY not a lot. There is a rumor that someone had them as pets and let them loose but is only a rumor, you never know about people around here.

    Mr Bill have you seen your "furry freind" on you bike rides or are you traveling differently now? It was scary seeing the prints within several hundred feet from my house, I cross the street and walk about a 100 feet and I am on the logging road. I did hear a rustling in the brush that got my attention, Twy took off after it but I called her back and we came back to the house.

    I DO have pic with my hand next to one of the prints but the site is not letting me post it. But I will keep trying.

    Nancy I keep a good eye on my girls and don't let them out of the yard now, if they are out so I am I.

    Meg I would like a pic of it too but only if I am in the house! I have spoke to animal control today and they said they would come out and looked at them. There is a cave in my area but I don't know it's exact location but others had talked about it.

    They have told me there have been bears here too. Has any one else seen prints like these? Thanks for looking-Carla
  8. morningsonshine

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    Out having fun again!!! Becareful! I found this sight, thought it maybe helpful to identify the track.

    The first on you showed looked Canine to me, maybe wolf? But the others were hard to see, and some looked different, Maybe distorted by the rain.
    So if you find some more remember what this sight teaches you, if would be fun to compare your tracks to the pictures and the X thing.


    We had a Timberwolf track right behind our goat pen last year, the track was as big as my hand!!!

    Take Care!
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    and some from yesterday.

    Morning thanks for the link, I have been to Coopers Rock a dozen times or more and did not know they had a sanctuary. I was there in Aug. When my daughter was growing up we use to meet her dad there for the exchange of her for her summer or holidays. It is a half way point for both of us and it is a beautiful place.

    I stop there everytime I go that way-Carla

  10. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Sorry couldn't get into the sight to see the photo.

    What do you think, does your photo look like the cougar tracks with the info from that page??
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  11. ckball

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    Try it again, it worked for me and yes there are some that do.

  12. morningsonshine

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    I bet it has to do with you being logged on, and anyone else doesn't have acess because they aren't.

    Sharing photo albums can be tricky, i think you would have to give the pass word.
    Can you load the best one in your profile??
  13. ckball

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    I have been trying to load it in my profile off and on today and it won't go. I was getting ready to log off and restart to see if that would help put it in my profile. I have another idea and will be back soon-C

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  14. ckball

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    It is a free website and was going to start a blog and pics but never got around to it. There are several pics. I wish it hadn't rained as it really did wash some away or just filled them up with water-Carla
  15. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    LOL! :0) Unless you're willing to share your username an password for that web sight, it won't work either.

    LOL! Now don't get frusterated! I know i would! giggle

    I think there's a mountain lion stalking us!!!! grrrrrrrrrrowl!

    Did i ever tell you about the time we had a bobcat lying in the yard right up against the house in the sun one march day???

    Don't try to feed a bobcat like i did!!! LOL, they don't sound anything like a house cat when they growl!

    Boy, one day we do need to get together we would have a grand adventure!!!
  16. ckball

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    silly me - I forgot to log off before copying the link. There are several sizes of prints, I take it the back paws are smaller but there are the bigger ones too, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE let it work-LOL

    Why would you feed a bobcat in your yard?? I do agree we would have some adventures- right now I would settle for having my cart fixed- now check it out-Carla


    You should be able to view this album too, it has pics of the ditch, rock project that took me nearly 10 months to finish

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  17. therealmadscientist

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    Mountain lions everywhere!

    ckball, maybe you could make one of those "shark cages" and spend the night in it with a bleating goat? Should get some good pictures! No, better stay in the house.

    The one I saw just vanished after a week. Someone had prints in their back yard then, but no sign of it since. The deer have been around for the last month, so I guess it's gone. I will check for tracks after the first snow.

    No, I never use the bike path at night to go home anymore, just the main road. I still carry one or two flash lights. I wish I had had some sort of weapon or flashlight when I saw it. I might have stayed around longer to watch it.

    I'll make casts if I see any prints(while looking over shoulders, of course).

    kbak, I wonder if a few mules might protect the town from the mountain lions? The internet pictures and story of the mule attacking and killing a mountain lion pretty amazing.

    (Oh, I wonder if mountain lions might be the answer to the rat problem in New York city. Supposed to be two to ten rats for every human. Can you imagine looking down into a drain grate and seeing a mountain lion staring up?)

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  18. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    We were all looking at the tracks, hubby, and sons, debting if they were lobo or mountain lion. LOL!

    Probably Mountain lion.

    The bobcat in my yard was young and emaciated, the DNR came and shot it. I'm lucky it didn't have rabi's or something and attack me!
    But it seemed very, weak. I tried to feed it some cat food, because i honestly didn't know if it was a stray Tom Cat that just looked wild, or a bobcat.
    I just couldn't believe a wild bobcat would lay by the house like that and let me stand a foot from it.
    Being young and under weight it was not bigger than a tomcat, but it's head was a bit larger.
    My kids had been playing in the yard all morning, glad they didn't find the "kitty" and try to play with it!!

    I dropped food on the ground right by it, and it made a noise, like a roar, big sound for such a small guy, i KNEW it couldn't be a normal "kitty".
    Scared the s**t out of me! :0)
    I called the DNR, (our neighbor) and he came and shot it, it was to weak to even walk right and was dragging it self.

    He said they were finding juvenilles starved that spring, because of the deep snow and long winter, he figured that's why it was up by the house, the snow was melted.

    I felt bad for him, survival of the fittest, he was beautiful, and eyes captivating.

    Call of the Wild!
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  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    That is scary Carla, I am sure you are keeping a close eye on Missy and Twila.
  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    There are new tracks since it rained Sun and they are coming back to make casts to send them off to the Game Warden, could be more than one too, maybe a momma and a cub as there are bigger prints and smaller ones too.

    Moring stay away from the big kittie cats girl- glad they came and got him without a problem.

    Mickey-yes my girls are never out of my sight. Well gotta go into town- thanks for looking.

    Did anyone try to kodak album, it should work. It is a time line of my ditch and rock project, I do need to add more pics of the finished work but you can see how I did it-Carla