want to see some pix's of myself and my son?

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    as many of you may know my son has been playing football this year, but he got a severe injury to his knee...he is a senior at novato high school...he was the #1 starting nose tackle...and is deeply missed by his team...we are still undefeated...8-0...hoping this year we can go to state playoffs. cody w/not be able to get to play but his physical presence and spirit is there...

    he is #64-i joked and said you picked it after the year i was born, how sweet...he joked and said after nintendo 64 v.game.

    he w/be under going knee surgery on 12/26. he has a torn mcl, meniscus and acl. so he is in p.t for now...and has a long haul ahead of him....

    so far he has applied to go to college at u.c.santa cruz, for they have a video gaming degree and such...out of my league.

    so please take a look at my son and there is one pic of me w/him from last saturday's last home game for novato high school. he is on his crutches wearing a black jersey w/64 and i am wearing a tan/gold sweater dress and scarf. holding a yellow rose. i still have it in the refridgerator...i am going to press it and put it away till the day i die for him..

    he played in the first four games of the season and did a great job. i guess that is why marin catholic gave him an illegal cheap shot to blow out his knee. you can see him getting carried off the field...he went back out for two more plays...he just didn't want to stop-felt no pain...

    there is great close up of his face in that game...novato v.marin catholic towad the end of the photo gallery.

    so now that i have said my part about my son, cody. Here is website to go to...it is easy to do...

    www.varsitypix.com- Left click on school in blue....scroll down to Novato, click 1x on it.

    then click on football-v(for varsity team).

    pic w/cody and i are Novato v. san marin...we are toward the beginning of the photo callery...cody is #64 and i am wearing a dress.

    if you want to see some great close up's of cody check out the marin catholic game...he is being carried off by his teamates, then again one of his coaches....toward the end of the game there is a nice shot of his face and #64.

    thank you for reading about my son, he is part of my life and i know many of you have been listening to me speak about him...so here are some actual visuals of him..

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    The crutches helped me to find you two! It's fun to see a face with the name- thanks for sharing.
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    I tried to find your photos,,,found the school and the Team! But Thats ok!! So proud of you and Cody!,,,,,He's a Great kid sounds like!,,,,,,,,8-0 is Great!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,,Sis
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    it was a good opportunity to share w/you all...i can't post in profile until i buy this photos, and cody is still needing to show me how the heck i do that.

    if you want to flip through photos like a book click on the middle thing. it will stop the visual slide show. you w/turn the page when you are ready or you can back up.

    got to go for now..

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    Of course, reading the subject line, I said YES and went immediately to your profile. HA. No pics. Then I read the post - duhhhh - and saw the link.

    Sorry to hear about Cody's injury, Jodie. I'm sure he misses being a part of his team.


    Found it! Good picture.[This Message was Edited on 11/03/2007]
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    cody is still part of the team only in a different fashion....it stinks for him...we have another kid out for the rest of the season...he broke his collar bone...and shoulder area is messed up...well they w/hang together.

    we had one of cody's friends father have a brain hemmorage at the game last night...i don't know when his son found out about it. but i saw his mom running toward one of cody's friends dad, who is a medical doctor...i saw the ambulance and the sirens were off...i just didn't think it was a parent...

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    They took him and the sirens were off? He may have appeared stable at the time. Or if he was really anxious they will keep them off because the sound gets them nervous.
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    pulled out of the lot then turn on the sirens and down they went...i wondered if anthony knew his father had been carted off at that time...i believe he stayed and played till the end of the game....i can't remember...

    jodie but i am sure he did