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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Aug 26, 2007.

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    On Wed I called Wally's to make sure I could still get my glucose test strips. Medicare pays for them and it had been close to a year so I wanted to make sure everything was fine before I went. I was told yes, it will be ready in a hour.

    I go Thurs and drop my car off for a oil change, then a little shopping, then to the pharmacy. My strips were not ready. They said Medicare rejected it because I have Medicade, well I don't have Medicade. I tried to explain this to the clerk and she showed me the screen that said I did. She told me to call Medicare, SO I get them on the phone and they say the same thing and to call Medicade. I asked how was I suppose to get the number since I don't have a card or a member ID number.

    So she gave me a number and I just kept hitting zero to get a rep. After about 5 minutes or more a person answers and I tell her the problem and said she could not help me but would transfer me. Another 10 minutes on hold and finally a lady answers.

    I explain my problem and she verified I DID NOT have Medicade, BUT the state pays my Medicare and my Medicare D premiums. BTW some of you may qualify for this so check with your state Medicade office.

    She told me my code and I was telling the WM clerk what the Medicade rep was telling me, so the clerk gets Medicare on the phone. Medicare still shows me as a full Medicade recipent. I told the Medicade rep what Medicare said thier computers say.

    The Medicade rep said the Medicare rep didn't know what they were talking about probably a temp or something, she said that. She told me what her computer said and said the info is taken directly from Medicade. I asked if she could contact Medicare and straighted this out, as I tried and was passed on to Medicade.

    She said no and that she had to go, that she had told me all she could and she had other customers, I said but I AM A CUSTOMER and I waited over 15 minutes to talk to her and she said that they have to limit their calls to 3 minutes and we had already been on the phone for 7 minutes and she had to go. I told her to "Have a nice day".

    The pharmacy clerk just looked at me like OMG, she was still talking to Medicare and told them the code Medicade had given me and did make me pay $14 for the $100 strips so it worked out ok.

    I was just floored by the way the Medicade rep treated me, I know they are busy, I have been in customer service so I do understand what it is like. But she was just rude in her explaination.

    I worked for 30 years and paid my taxes then was treated like a lesser person because I need assistance now. Has anyone had a experience like this?

    When I went for some tests recently at the hospital and they said I had Medicade too. I called my local rep and told her what the hospital said and she told me it was right in her system and had no explaination why the hospital was wrong because it comes directly from the state computer.

    I am sure I will get this staightened out and appreicate the fact that I do get these benefits because I only live on my SSDI.

    Thanks for reading my story, just wanted see if anyone else has been treated this way by a govenment employee? Carla
  2. rockgor

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    I believe it's in the Guiness Book of Records that nobody can beat the government for squandering money and botching things up.

    Enought to drive you CRAZY, aint it!

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Carla, sorry you had to go thru all that. I don't have insurance of any kind, so, for me it's pay and go. But stories like yours and others is what really makes me afraid of socialized medicine.

    Altho something needs to be changed in this country, I just don't know how it's going to be fixed.

    Hope it gets worked out sooner than later for you!

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