Want to thank you all for your suppot that you give me

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    As I wrote early this morning some thing is wrong with the computer. My husband has done all that he knows how to do, like the virius scan & spyware . He ran both of thoses that all was ok nothing that was bad , no complactaions . NO Viruis's or spyware are stuck to the computer.

    I am upset at it because I need to have the friends to hlelp me get through these days where I just frankly hurt too much and don't want to hear about all the "CURES THAT EVERY ONE HAS OFFERED ME , Family & friends who don't know or understand about fibro "

    Here is a safe haven where I can come and whine or cry and let out all of the bottled up emotions that I normally don't share with the famiy , husband & frieds,They don't understand what this DD does you you or that it can affect you differently than some one else. And I get compared to the other person , It usually goes something like this.

    "But I know so and so and they have fibro adn they are still working and THEY don't take PAIN PILLS, And THEY all exercise and have lost weight and it has changed their lives and now the fibro is gone it's been cureed. YOu should try this diet becuase it worked for my cousins friends boss's wife." Sound familar? I have been told to lose wieght, and get more exercise and I really want to do that but the problems I endure are not all from the FIBRO. I have other syndromes that cause fatique, pain , and loss of muscle tone.

    Not all of the feeling of being sleepy is the fibro or the pain meds it is because my body started to listen to my brain. And It saids " Body your in pain so I am sending out endorphins to help with it. But sorry there are not enough to go around .

    And I will work hard to send more and then I get hit with this contiuos stream of pain. The nervouse system seem s to me is like a electril system and this one has several shorts in it's wiring and nothing can be done to fix it yet. I am sorry that the diets and losing wieght don't help and the extra exercise on sends me in to a flare.

    Speaking of FLARES have you tried to explain what it is and how it affects you in your life, to all the "NORMALS OUT THERE FAMILY INCLUDED" Some how telling then that I feel like I have been hit by a mack truck has no meanig and I am told to quit being sarcstic about it. The pain can't be "THAT BAD"

    And the most often one I get is " YOU just take to much pain pills and if you would stop you would feel better and the your body would rid it's self of all the toxins from the narcotic pain meds you have been taking. Please won't some one tell me where they got their medical liencse and what do they really onow and understand about fibro?

    I will miss you as I will be gone tomorrow and don't know whow long it will take to find what it wrong with this computer.

    SAdly the computer and the forums that I go to understand me better than my familly does. I don't get the grief of "IF YOU WOULD JUST LOSE WEIGHT & EXERCISE YOU WOULD FEEL SO MUCH BETTER" Would that be after I went tot the hospital from the over extended pain that has gotten me in so much pain that I can't think, move or talk about any of this.

    so before I went off line for a few days I wanted to share with you how you all make me feel. Thanks for always being there and reading my posts and not making fun of them because I can't spell really well, You accept me for who I am not what everyone wants me to be. I feel so loved accepted and so much more than words will say. Thank you for all the caring , support and love that you always send to me. Thank you for all the caring adn acceptance I recieve each day. Bless you for this and I thank you for this acceptance and that you really to care about me and are not just some " FAKE" Person sitting around trying to help me.

    Thank you for everything that you do . I will be back as soon as i can. Thanks for beiing that support and gift taht gets em through the days when the pain is keeping me in bed. And when I Come on line I have people asking about me and if i am ok, Thanks for being you and for all your kind special things you say to me. Bless you and I will meiss you , hopefully I will be back soon as I can.
    Bob Hope said it best. " THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES" Amd pme other acter's comment "I'LL BE BACK".

    Thank you and I will miss you.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS FOR ALL }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.Linda
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    hunnybunny ive been really really ill & havent been on the site for a very long time.
    I came back online last week & ive had so much support,love & best wishes from all on here.
    The people i used to mail arent on here now so it was lovely to be welcomed back.
    Ive used this site for 10 years now & its my lifeline i would be so sad & depressed without my fibro family on here.
    You will always be loved on here you are very very special as we all are on here.
    I have no family contact & i dont know many people where i moved to so this site is the best.
    Im sending you very gentle hugs ((((((((((.
    May god bless you & yours take care my love.

    We all love you for you & we will always be here for you whenever you need us.

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