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  1. Annette2

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    I went to the doctor today and found I gained more weight. Has anyone here tried Atkins Diet? Does it work? Should I buy a book, and if so, which one? I did find their web-site and it's pretty good, but maybe I do need a book. Please help me out on this - THANKS!!!!

  2. Shirl

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    Can't help with the Atkins diet, but I can say that the Suzanne Somer's does work. My husband lost 40 pounds and has never gained it back. Thats about a year ago.

    He was not hungry, its lots of food, you just need to follow how to separate the carbs and oils and protein.

    Mikie also lost quite a bit of weight on this one. She has the latest books, so will let her tell you which one to get.

    Good luck with the weight lost!

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    Shirl, thanks for your reply. I have the Suzanne Somer's books. What is the difference between hers and Atkins? I, for some reason, couldn't quite get "into" her diet. It seemed too complicated - I don't like having to "time" when I can eat a certain type of food. You know, eat protein, and then carbs 20 minutes later, etc. I go to work and can't do that sort of thing. If you have any suggestions I'd really appreciate it!

  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Its been awhile since Richard did the diet, but it seemed simple. He was also able to keep it up at work (he works off-shore), and in restaurants too.

    I would have to go read it again. I have 'Eat Great and Lose Weight'. Mikie said the newer books are better than this one.

    One of the things that worked well was I would make a lot of tomato sauce with no meat(freeze it in serving size containers). Then he could eat this with pasta.

    Then for supper he would fix a steak with loads of vegetables on a small grill.

    For breakfast, he would eat five eggs (this is a big guy with a big appetite!) bacon, and sausage.

    Note; no bread, biscuits, rolls, etc. breadstuff!

    If he wanted a sandwich (only whole wheat breads), he would make one with lettues, tomatoes, and a small amount of mayo.

    This is just some of the things he would eat, but always enough to fill him up, he was never hungry.

    He had grilled fish, meat, shrimp, etc.

    This is what I remember right now!

    He also ate large salads, like with turkey, chicken, cheese etc. on them. NO BREADS or Crotons!

    Hope this helps some. I know Mikie will be able to help more than I, she is on the diet now.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. Annette2

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    I need to cut out the carbs anyway. I recently went through an intestinal cleansing and felt much better afterwards. Carbs make me sluggish and bloated. I don't eat burgers at fast food places anyway. My son has ulcerative colitis and was very, very sick 2 years ago. He gave up all junk food and fast food. I think the stuff was poisoning him! Anyway, we all stopped going to McDonald's, Burger King, etc. I don't eat white bread or rolls anymore. But today for lunch I did have a salami sandwich on rye bread with mustard (I'm a New Yorker)! It was a big splurge for me and I'm not going to buy rye bread anymore. It was a big indulgence! I think I may have good luck with Atkins. We have a Half-Price bookstore near my house and I'll look for it there! THANKS!!!!

  6. layinglow

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    Please be careful on this diet if you have any kidney problems---being in ketosis is not wise in this situation. Also if you are adding profound amounts of meats, in your diet--- it can change your pH to acidic.
  7. Dara

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    the Suzanne Somers diet, one has lost over 80 pounds and the others about 45. One suggestion my sister has tried, is that if you want a sandwich using whole wheat breads, instead of mayonnaise she uses no fat cottage cheese and makes a spread out of it to substitute for the mayo and she said it really is good. I've boughten three of the books for the diet, but haven't started it yet.

  8. dsames

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    My son and dau in law recently went on the Atkins diet, lost a lot of weight. I had wanted to try it, but am afraid of all the eggs, meat, cheese, beings I have high cholesterol.

    It has been said that this diet does not affect your cholesterol. If so, it is contrary to all we used to be taught.

    Have any of you with high cholesterol tried this diet. How did it work

  9. kezza_nottm

    kezza_nottm New Member

    i tried the atkins diet and I ended up in hospital extremely unwell and was told to come off the diet immediately. I had some kind of kidney problem as a result of this diet.
  10. sharie

    sharie New Member

    Hi Annette,

    Just wanted to let you know that my husband has done this diet successfully for almost 2 years. He doesn't have the health issues that we deal with but I know that the board he goes to has lots of info. He is a moderator at atkins diet bulletin board. check it out if you can.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Her latest book, "Fast & Easy," does a much better job of explaining how to separate foods. If you have carbs, have them for breakfast. Since fruit must be eaten by itself, it is an excellent between meals snack. You can combine all the veggies and protein/fat that you want. I make rollups by wrapping string cheese with deli ham slices and putting them in the microwave to melt the cheese. These are a delicious substitute for sandwickes. You can use any deli meat. A small salad with this makes a great lunch.

    I have steaks, roasts, salmon, chicken and low starch veggies for dinner. You get really creative and the Somers recipes are delicious. Her new book has recipes which are easy to make. Even on Level I, you can have an occasional dessert using her recipes, especially if you use her SomerSweet sweetener.

    I've been on both the Atkins and Somers diets and I find the Somers diet to be much easier, especially in the beginning. She does not have the fast weight loss induction period with her diet.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Princessraye

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    I did Atkins last year and lost 45 pounds. It can get boring but you aren't hungry and some people who cook (not me) are very creative to cut down on boredom. The internet has the induction diet and lots of recipes.(type it in the search engine) For the first 14 days I ate meat , cheese, eggs and jello. I ate as much as I wanted and the weight fell off.
    I too had concerns about the kidney's so I drank lots of water. I did not waste money on the strips to see if I was in Ketosis, could not afford them and the proof was that the weight came off. I need to lose more but am having a hard year this year but I have maintained with in 5 pounds of my 45 pound weightloss.
    You gain it back if you go off of any diet but the Adkins maintenance program is not as strick as the induction.
    I would like to try Suzanne Summers just to try something different.
    After a few months I would suggest having a blood test to check your cholestoral and kidneys. Never hurts to be careful as we all react differently. My kidneys were fine and my cholesterol went from 142 to 129. Not bad. Good luck!
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    There is very little difference in the Atkins and Somers diets in Level II except for separating the foods. I don't eat the Jello because it has to be the sugar free and it contains Neutrasweet. I don't think the artificial flavors and colors are good for us either. Eating sugar free Jello sets me off like MSG.

    Love, Mikie
  14. PAT

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    I have numerous friends and family who have either been or are currently on it. Definitely get one of his books. One of the new versions 'Atkins For Life' has a lot of recipes. The more you ask around, the more you will find out that there is a lot you CAN eat. I have friends who have maintained the weight loss very well, because they aren't "dieting." They have changed their lifestyles and have new healthy eating habits.

    No one I know has had a rise in cholesterol. In fact, it had lowered the levels for most.
    Splenda is an excellent sugar substitute, because it is made FROM sugar. No aspartame or chemicals.
    If you get serious about this, let me know, and I will send you some great, EASY meal ideas.
    I am always having to serve Atkins friendly food to my family and friends!
    Good luck!
    Patti G
  15. OuchyMama

    OuchyMama New Member

    My Mom wanted the Atkin's diet book and we found one on Ebay for $2.00. This diet worked great for my Dad, My Mom who like me is a carboholic hated it and is now going low not no carb Good Luck
  16. Annette2

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    Thank you for all of your input. Today I mentioned to my son that I may try the Atkins diet and he got very upset with me. He said you have to eat some carbs - just the right ones. So I'm thinking things through right now. I may for now just try very, very low carbs and do the protein and fats together. Sort of Suzanne Somer-ish. Tonight we're going out to an Afghanistani restaurant. I have no idea what kind of food it is, so I may have to start tomorrow! But I will be cutting out potatoes, white rice, white flour, sugar and hopefully that will help to get things rolling. Wish me luck!!!!


    P.S. - I like the idea of putting pesto over broccoli!
  17. lmn

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    I started Atkins on Wed, and by Fri had lost 4 pounds!! What a shock to me, as I "cheated" a little bit and ate popcorn one day. It really does work, and I hear that after a while, it becomes second nature.

    My dr. suggested I try a modified Atkins diet, meaning I should eliminate as many processed foods, white flours and sugar as possible, but an occasional whole grain carb is fine. She did remind me to treat myself once and a while with a favorite dessert or other treat. My treat of choice will be a mocha frappachino from Starbucks!!! :)

    For those of you who are doing well on Somers and Atkins, breakfast is very difficult for me to plan as I don't like (well actually, they don't like me) eggs, bacon or sausage. Any suggestions for a good breakfast?

    Thanks, and good luck Annette! My family refers to me as the "carboholic", so if I can do it, so can you!!!

  18. AnnetClo

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    I tried the Atkins for 2 weeks but passed out when my blood sugar bottomed out. Then I tried the Somers diet and did okay, but like Annette2 have trouble remembering how/when to eat proteins/carbs etc. In my brain fog existence, it's hard to remember anything. Plus I have a hellava time understanding a lot of it. And that's not just the age/fibro thing. I have always considered myself fairly intelligent, could do anything I set my mind to and I was a damn good nurse. But there are some things that I just have never been able to do. Like reading and understanding recipes or reading and understanding how to sew something from a pattern and reading and retaining how to do these diet things. Just a mental block I guess. I admit I did feel better when I was eating less carbs but I get bored so easily and if I check the scale and I haven't lost anything after depriving myself of an ice cream cone, I get frustrated and have one (or two) just because. Kinda childish isn't (seeing it in writing makes that quite obvious, lol). But I have several friends and my stepson who have done extrememly well on the Atkins. I just wish I had the willpower. But I do wish you luck with whichever one you choose.

  19. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    This is a great diet and I've lost mega pounds on it and kept my bp and cholesterol low because of it. My sister just lost 100 lbs on it, brother-in-law lost 30 and many others have lost lots of weight too. It's easy to follow, but the first couple of weeks are very strict in order to kickstart your system into burning fat. Some people get weak and light headed from the induction part of the diet and they are to follow Dr. Atkins instructions and add a little carb to their daily regimen. Get the book on Ebay for just a couple of bucks or so so you can read it and learn everything you need to know. That's where I buy lots of books!

    Marilyn :)
  20. AutumnGirl

    AutumnGirl New Member

    The first time I lost some weight, though VERY slowly....then months of no loss at all. When "the big crash" came, I thought for sure it was due to Atkins. My hair was falling out by the handfulls (literally), I had to sleep like 11-12 hours a day, I had to cut out going to the gym completely, and it hurt my arms in a big way to just brush my hair. I crashed big time! I went off and switched to another diet that was low-carb with a one day carb load (controlled carb load). I didn't lose an ounce for a few weeks, so decided to switch to Body for LIFE. BIG mistake!!! I gained and gained and gained until I got right back into my "fat clothes" again. Not just scale weight, but REAL FAT. I was dieting, following everything perfectly...and got fat despite the really hard-core lifting I was doing. I began to get increased fatigue again, so with that and the weight gain... I stopped. I tried another low-cal diet (and was exercising circuit style this time and with weights) and lost absolutely nothing (didn't gain, but didn't lose). No inches, no pounds. I'm back on Atkins and I feel as if my muscles are wasting away to nothing. I'm now WAY too tired to go to the gym (got worse and worse over the last month). Each time I go to workout I have to cut the weights back...and the reps, and even the cardio time I had to cut as well. This week I've not gone at all.

    I guess I'm trying to say that I gained no energy at all with Atkins, and it may have even gotten a tad worse. And I'm taking in plenty of food. Not overeating, but making sure I'm not starving myself either.

    Well, that's my experience with Atkins so far. Still on it, lost tons of water in the first five days (physically impossible to lose 10lbs of FAT in 5 days..lol). I know it's water because while I was on BFL I was taking creatine, which is KNOWN to cause major water retention... especially in females. But no loss since that first five days...and my taste buds are getting REAL bored!