Want you All to Know....Prayers Going Up for All here....

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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Sorry, I have been missing in action for the last 4 or 5 days...I miss you all, when im not able to be here!! I have had alot going on in many things,especially health.

    I may not be able to read all request right now, but want you all to know I'm praying for you All here....God know's each and every request!!

    I really feel bad when im not able to be here on a regular bases....but we all go through that and it's out of our control. Hopefully, I will soon catch up on everything...

    Plus starting today hubby is off work for the next 2 weeks, so I will be trying to spend more time with him while he is off and more time with my parents andd sister through the 4th if I have the strength/energy.....Please Keep me & family in your prayers as well

    Love you All my friends & Praying for All here!!
    God Bless
    ((Love & Prayers))
  2. windblade

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    Hi... Thank you for your prayers. We'll be praying for you too! Enjoy the time with your husband and family.

    How is your little sis doing? Wait until you have some empty time to answer.

    Sending prayers for your family.

    Please pray for me and some bad side effects from a med.
    Need God's wisdom and discernment, and I believe He will guide me as I work with the Dr's.

    Please pray for my PTSD therapy - every week, every day is a new challenge!

    Lots of love and blessings sent to you,
  3. lovethesun

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    Forth of July.Linda
  4. Shirl

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    Bluerose, I so appreciate them. Will be praying for you with your 4th of July, and having husband home for a couple of weeks. I know that can be good, but tireing too.

    God bless lady......

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. MamaR

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    Thanks for your prayers. I hope that you can relax and enjoy your time.

    Blessings to you....Mari