wanting HELP (references) for daughter new to Portland OR

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    I've a daughter new to Portland Oregon where she will be attending school in Fall. She doesn't have a job yet, and OF COURSE has no insurance.

    She has just called me in extreme pain and swelling in lower part of her face. This may or may not be related to dental work she had done in another state a few months back.

    I suggested the E.R. which she may have to do...but she has had SO MANY unproductive experiences in ER throughout her life. Seems she always has some kind of weird inflamation (last year it was cancer scare becaue her lymph nodes in groin were so swollen). When all is over with they dismiss her like she is just a distraught female, and she said "I'll just shoot myself if that happens again" (she won't). Belive me I know, because during her teens I'm sure we appeared to be a mother/daughter team of wackos with doctor's appointments which always failed to reach any conclusive diagnosis.

    What I'd like to know is...does anyone know of a clinic she could visit for an emergency? (her school is out, so they can't refer her). ALSO, for future reference...anyone know of good doc in Portland area who might be sensitive to her health problems? She has been through the degrading wringer with doctor's who give her the brush-off. And believe me, she will do anything to avoid one (because of being misunderstood for so long), so it has to get really bad for her to need one.

    I know there's a pretty good-sized Portland group here, and maybe some of you can offer advice.

    THANK YOU...a very worried (and helpless) mom.
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    As a mother I feel YOUR pain of not being able to help when your daughter is in pain.

    The bad news is I have no answers, I have Kaiser and havent been to any other clinics for ages. She might be able to look something up in the phone book under community services. It will probably take someone telling to try here and they refer her there etc. to get to someone who might have a suggestion. The school maybe able to refer her to some alternative resources for students in between.
    Hopefully she will find some releif soon.

    Now you will be bumped up to where maybe someone else will see it and have an intelligent answer.

    best wishes
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    For an emergency, she may try a walk-in clinic, just look in the phone book.

    For future care, although I don't live there, Portland has the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Google their website and click on "Clinics". They have several. Perhaps your daughter could get some help there.

    Sometimes colleges/universities offer insurance for their students. She may want to look into that. I had insurance for myself and family through my college.

    Mom, take a deep breath. She's sprouting her wings, and you've taught her well. She will figure it out. (I've been there with 2 kids.)

    Best wishes,