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    I am not a heathen, I am well studied in The Word and worship MY Jesus. But as always I now am questioning;

    As I was taking care of my Dad before his passing; we often discussed his death and that he and Mom would be togather again. I am famnilar with scripture that talks of marriage & death & heaven; My questions are never traditional but always sincere.
    He gave us mates and ordained that we become one.
    I don't see what we are to do when half of us has been stripped away. Can we survive without the half of us that has gone on before us? I know we can, I have seen it many times. And I see we are to uplift our sister & brothers as they mourn. But how do we live with half of our heart ripped out. Forgive Me, Lord, but I am serious here.

    I also believe we are to question anything we need answers to.

    Rose, he wrote this after Mom passed. I hope it brings you comfort too.

    Our Pain

    Doesn't God know that I'm hurting
    or doesn't He even care?
    Can't He see all that's happening,
    All the things that don't seem fair?

    When I try so hard to follow
    and be what He wants me to be.
    I find that life gets harder
    and seems to close in on me.

    What can I do about it?
    What do You want me to do?
    Is there a way out of this hurting?
    For I want to live for You.

    The hurting only lasts for a lifetime,
    When life is spent we'll be free
    and leave all the pain behind us,
    and live in God's liberty.

    I know that You have a purpose,
    for the things you allow in my life
    and I understand there's a reason,
    for all the pain & strife.

    Forgive me Lord, for my trying
    to bypass the things You ordain,
    and give me a heart to obey You
    in spite of all the pain.

    Thank You Lord for the answer,
    and thank You for all that You give
    it's only You who that sustains me
    and gives me the heart to live.

    Reverend Paul Cook-my Dad
  2. Cactuslil

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    What a sincere, loving poem; and what a blessing you had a life built on that love.

    You know, even Christ anguished over the 'unasked questions'; after he had gone to organize the spirits in spirit, come back and began the work or organizing his church (Acts) he began himself to see that without the gift of the holy ghost (which was not his to give without first overcoming the grave) there was insufficient information for the disciples to ask "the question"; (1Peter3:19 et seq., Acts1:5 et. seq.).

    Jackie, you are one of the most spiritual sisters I have ever "met". There are not always answers but we can always ask the Lord to make manifest his wishes....regarding marriage and the eternal covenant of same, check first in Eccl.3:14..then Matt 16:19 (18:18) whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven; 1Peter3:7).

    One thing that has made all the difference in my study of scriptures and other works of philosophers (I was almost a philosophy major) has been the invocation of the Holy Ghost to make the scriptures reveal truth for me.

    Even though I was a philosophy major, going to a Lutheran College, I was an agnostic. I was an agnostic until August 21, 1994. My family jokingly tells me if HaraChrisna had come with their tamborine I would be dancing in San Francisco as we speak; of course, that isn't exactly true but the point is; after I had William, a single 45+ woman, I was in such need for a spiritual head, whoever got to my door first won! Don't know about that but I did not "get" it as the missionaries spoke; I read, we talked, I read somemore, we talked...ect. Until one visit, the "slower" of the two missionaries asked me if I prayed to understand the words before I launched off into the scriptures (these two missionaries had their hands full with me at this point). My answer was no. Yes, I prayed, but no, I did not ask the HolyGhost to teach me...AHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!

    What a difference! Instead of just opening and "reading", even trying to "study", I began to first ask the HG to reveal the meaning of the scriptures to me; I read things then I had never had revealed. It continues through this day. It amazes me, since I thought (wrongfully) that I was so smart...a real scriptorian...I had not read with understanding. What a difference; things I had read before suddenly made sense in a new and wonderful way. It all began to make sense, even as a hold. Scripture was no longer bits and pieces of understanding but the entire thing began to come together....each supported the other with the light of the HG doing the teaching. Does this make sense? I can hold my own in a discussion of scripture, on dogma, I could do that when I was agnostic; anyone with a brain can "do" dogma; but to "do" the love of Christ, that is altogether different.

    We had a rousing debate here this week over bin Laden and the commission to love our enemies! I never in my life thought I would be trying to get someone to understand we must, by instruction, love our enemies and bin Laden is most definately an enemy!! Christ says...even the heathen love their own...sometimes I wonder! LOL!

    Well, seems I must lay this topic down before I get in toooo much trouble. Love Lil'
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    Jackie, The Poem your Dad wrote is wonderful.
    What a godly man he must have been. I think your answer is in your Dad's poem, "Thank you Lord for the answer and thank you for all that you give, it's only You who that sustains me and gives me the heart to live." Losing our spouse is very hard and no one can ever take their place but God has given us His presence and will to go on as His love sustains us. In heaven, we will know all the answers and I'll have a lot of questions to ask and all of eternity to ask our Heavenly Father. For now, He has given us His Word and His promises there to teach us and guide us and each other to be there and lift each other up when we have a loss in our life. This Board is a really good example of support. Thanks Jackie, for keeping us together. I sure don't know all the answers either and wish I did, I guess that's where faith comes in.

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    thanks Jackie, I found comfort in that poem this AM. I am in a season right now where I am holing on to god and Jesus with both hands, but still I question and wait for answers so that I may remain faithful. I am finding it hard to stay positive right now-so much going on

    What is happening lately is closing in on me and in the last 2 months my walk as a christian is getting stronger and as I gain new strength, then new stresses enter my life.

    I know there is a reason for my suffering, just wish it would be revealed because I am holding on by a thread

  5. Cactuslil

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    It may help us all receive answers by simply, stopping, ask the holy ghost to make manifest what it is we should do or understand. Then be still and quite...it may be a day or longer before you receive an answer. Listen for that still small voice; you will know when you hear it; we are taught in the scriptures to listen, quitely for him. He leaves no sincere prayer unanswered. Does not mean it may not be the answer we want. But we are promised if we do all we are supposed to do we are entitled to an answer.

    I often find myself getting too involved "busy-busy" and it is hard to impossible to hear the still small voice....sometimes we just have to make room. And then you have it. Love Lil'