Wanting to switch antidepressant

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by luv2float, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. luv2float

    luv2float New Member

    Which antidepressant drug has worked best for you?

    I've been on paxil, cymbalta and now lexapro.

    I want to ask my doctor to switch me to something different, mine is no longer working.

    Any recommendations?
  2. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

    Hi, I am on zoloft 50 mg, I have been on it for about 3 years now. I was put on it for my panic attacks when I would drive and it worked great. Now I need it for stress with all the pain I am having from FM. I really think you might want to give it a try. Let me know if you do and how you are doing on it.

  3. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    A friend went from lexapro to 5-htp and liked it much better, had more energy, just felt better. It doesn't have the side effects of the prescription ADs.

    You can do a google search and learn a lot more about it.


    KNEWBERRY New Member

    I take Zoloft 50mg. I have found that it seems to also curb my appetite. In the past I took Xanax and I gained weight. Zoloft seems to keep my anxiety at bay.
  5. jen_miester27

    jen_miester27 New Member


    i have been on cymbalta and lexapro, but i am now on effexor xr 150 mgs. i know when i started i was at a low dose then 75mgs, which i think was perfect..it was so wierd how well it worked for me. so i thought since it did work so well, i wanted to up it and feel even better...but i cant at 150. so i couldnt tell ya.. but 75mgs made me feel alot better.

    good luck in finding the right one...its crazy to have to go through so many to find the right one for you. hope this helps!
  6. kittycamcj

    kittycamcj New Member

    i have been on 100mg of zoloft for a little over a year and it works great. it takes 4 to 6 weeks to kick in, but when it does you can really tell the difference.
    take care,
  7. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    I'm on elavil and have been on it for a month and 1/2 now.......and I like it so far. I started with 50mg and the doctor wants me to up it to 100mg the first day of that made me dizzy so last night I just took 75mg and wasn't dizzy.

    It's made a difference for me.....although it hasn't helped with the pain but I'm happier and my moods are better so that's a plus.
  8. shelly11

    shelly11 New Member

    i have tried many different antidepressants. paxil, remeron, both of which did'nt work. then i went on zoloft, eventually 100 mg. it worked for a while then it stopped. they switched me to effexor, ended up raising the dosage to 225 mg. but had too many side effects. so now i'm back on zoloft and its working so far. sometimes, it takes a long time to find the right drug. I also take xanax to help me sleep and for panic attacks. i get them so bad, i throw up and have diarrhea. it really sucks, i miss working, but get toooo anxious when i try a new job. I wish you lots of luck. Take care.
  9. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Prozac always worked well for me. It's an older AD but still good.

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