war at work

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    I understand you think you've heard it all before
    you probably have, so go read another more gentle, relaxing post, this is about the war at work. It
    's become so bad that no one knows who to trust or talk to, so basically **** flies and staff keeps their heads down.

    I'm a senior staff person, in time and experience, and this gets under the skin of every 'boss' passing thru. I do not rub noses, I make myself available with info, work assistance...I simply have no ambition to be on the front line w/title Boss, as underBoss the backdraft is bad enough.

    what am i rambling about now...i'm working with a colleague for weeks on a project that is very detailed--somehow this ***** got the idea that she's going to restructure everyone's job, even outside our dept and issues work orders. The day we were supposed to make a presentation to another manager, so everyone could discuss how project is input into our data system, she bails telling the Systems Manager to talk to me about how to input the data because she doesnt want to confuse things. Poor woman comes into my office trying to teach me on the fly how to input a truckload of complicated data. She got shown the door, politely.

    i may seem stupid to some, a pain to others, it takes me awhile to catch on, but I caught on yesterday. The beeatch and the Boss thought because i was being so warm and fuzzy, working to hard to try and accomodate the neurotic projects they keep coming up with to avoid the real work of fund raising, that it was an opportunity to sucker punch and drop a dumpster worth of work on me and work not in my job description in any sense of the job description.
    We have a dept dedicated to the kind of work they tried dumping on me.

    Its a combination of jealousy, out right dislike, a desire to put on such pressure I'll quit, when confronted they lie and deny this or that was said right in my face, so I did a 180 and dont argue anymore. I flat out told them, give it to the dept that does this, this is not my job.

    it's so much more complex i cant describe the insanity, and its nothing less than insane involving screwy alumni, an administration that would be just delighted to see my dept 'knock itself out' doing 'busy work' so they can continue doing whatever they want. The right doesnt know or want to know what the left is doing, graduates who should be helping are actually undermining goals of my office and the school.

    i didnt know the amount of strength my ability to write carries; my day was spent literally carving apart the beaatche's plan to dump 4 projects on me that do nothing for me, the dept, but make her look like a data whiz.

    its never happened, although i reach a level of frustation that makes me physically ill, its never happened that i've pushed back so concisely that admins literally had to have an emergency meeting to deal with this beaatche's BS--and it was dealt with. she was told her projects were not a priorty and they may be looked at later.

    she spent the rest of the afternoon whispering with her support staff outside my office. i finally got it, you cant be friends, its work and you either get cwapped on or you do the cwapping.

    They better order some Charmin.
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    that Lyrica is helping! Going through all that cwapola and still standing. More than standing....sounds like dealing. Stand your ground. It is about time that you realize that they NEED your ability ...not only to write...but your work ethic. As crazy as they sound....I do not think they would want you gone....at least not the bosses since you cover thier a.....!

    Well...keep us posted. I wish I had some extra money to buy stocks in Charmin ...lol

    love ya
    by the way...after all this time, my name is Jill :)
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    still normal at work:) Sorry, lol, your mr bill

    Glad you are still putting up a good fight and not letting it get you totally down.
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    dont mind the laugh, okay, it was in response to reading mr bills response

    You hang in there, you did good and serve them right..now the lady will think twice before trying anythng funny...as for the whispering she was doing with her sidekicks...she's trying to save face after having her knuckles wrapped...

    but this is done and gone...just move on...you dont need any more cwap than you have to deal with at normal times...

    God Bless

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    I don't miss since I can't work anymore....the politics and the BS.

    BTW , I was almost always in trouble anyway....I could swear that "they" said kick....not....kiss...;>0 :>) lol

    Blessings ,