war on drugs class action suit?

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    I am a Parkinons patient,have had two brain surgeries,in line for left knee restoration and right knee replacement,have confirming xrays of spinal arthritus and disc buldging,left broken wrist that gets reinjured pretty regularly,plus carpal tunnel, YET, my primary physician is running scared of the dea and refuses to write for adequate pain management.I am not a 'drug seeker' addict and I feel that people like me (and there are many) are unfairly labeled and undertreated for our pain issues....because of the dea's pronounced 'war on drugs'.I had a gastric bypass some years ago and cannot take NSAIDS. My qualiity of life suffers significantly.I don't want heavy duty drugs, but I believe that 7,5 Lortab every 6 or 8 hrs isn't asking too much.If there EXISTS now or could be started,I wish someone would tell me how to either start or join a class action suit against (I don't know for sure)the DEA or DOJ?? It's not fair to be lumped into the classification of addict and/or dealer.Some of us really need help.Input would be appreciated.
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    You did not give your location. Please search for a disability law center or an Independent Living Center (not a place where you live, but that has disabled activities) and you should be able to get some idea of where you might be able to speak to someone about pursuing whatever particular help you are looking for, whether that be assistance in getting medication resolved or whether you are inquiring about an actual class-action lawsuit.