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    I notice that several people are recommending l-arginine for FM. Since everyone's different, I thought I'd mention that after YEARS of remission my symptoms returned AS SOON AS I STARTED arginine supplementation. (My FM started initially after I first tried GH supplements.) I've stopped and the symptoms are subsiding -- but please beware. You know that body builders take GH to increase muscle performance. In the bargain, they increase lactic acid build-up, one of the culprits in FM. Some of you have mentioned cold sores and herpes; that's the GH at work, too, replicating the virus. Lysine will help in both cases, and I'm currently mega-dosing with that. But please, don't experiment with arginine unless you want to risk a flare up. I can't spend much time on message boards, but I sought this one out, hoping to help others avoid the mistake I made.
    Painless tomorrows to you all!
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    And yes, l-arginine is an amino acid found in small quantities in many foods, taken in much larger ones by body builders and folks fighting aging. The body produces arginine naturally, but slows this production as we age. Which all makes sense, since it's this amino acid that helps trigger pituitary release of growth hormone, especially at night. So for years, before bed, I supplemented with arginine, basking in the compliments I got on my firm body, unaware that my daily megadose was keeping my FM in "flare" mode.
    It wasn't until recently that I stumbled on a mad-scientist type on the internet (he's a chemist and has made all sorts of pronouncements on conditions from cancer to crone's.) When he mentioned that several of his clients had told him arginine made their FM worse, I cried with relief and everything clicked for me. I was so grateful, I wanted to make sure others benefited from this information. (If you're interested in his site, dotty though it is, the URL is http://www.krysalis.net/chronicfatigue.htm.) He suggests, reasonably enough, that since Lysine halts the spread of herpes and other viruses encouraged by arginine, Lysine (in megadoses) is a way to help fend off flares. Works for me. That, and NO MORE Arginine. I'd rather have health than the fountain of youth!

    Health to All,

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    I have heard that before about arginine and lysine and herpes.
    but I am confused about GH now, arent some people recommending that on threads right now for fm/cfs?
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    It's always good to take them together if you choose to take arginine in the first place. I've found that it helps me, but of course we're all different, and all have different bugs, or fungal or or causes for our cfs/fibro, etc..

    Arginine is considered essential for a healthy immune system, but everything needs to be in balance -- some people may need to take more lysine than arginine, and/or some people should avoid arginine completely...

    just my two cents.


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